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I've long had a love/hate relationship with hand cream. While dry hands are unsightly, irritating, and sometimes painful, applying hand cream throughout the day can be as annoying as it is impractical; it has always escaped me how some people can slather on hand cream and simply go about their day. For me, the greasy fingerprints on my keyboard are a non-starter, my phone sliding out of my hand is a hassle, the inability to hold a pen, a book, or pour myself a glass of water without either dropping something or leaving a snail-like trail of grossness on my belongings is of no interest.

I've found some good hand creams over the years that do better on this front than others, my favorites being this Augustinus Bader splurge, this Clarins staple, and this Kiehl's classic. But I've learned that the real trick to healthy, baby soft hands is slathering them in cream just before you close your eyes at night. Of course, putting cream on your hands at night is not novel. But what is novel is this supremely effective Night Treatment hand cream from O'Keefffe's that I just discovered.

O'Keeffe's has been around for more than 25 years and was started by a woman named Tara O'Keeffe who wanted to help fix her father's dry, cracked hands. Her father was a diabetic rancher who had long suffered from excruciating cracked and split skin, and nothing on the market helped them heal. Tara was a pharmacist and decided to take matters into her own hands. She brought home a bunch of ingredients from work and began mixing and experimenting in her kitchen. The product she came up with worked wonders, word began spreading around town, and now O'Keeffe's can be found in virtually every pharmacy and grocery store in the country.

Why I Love It

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Night Treatment Cream is, hands down, the most effective nighttime hand cream I've ever used. When I say that my hands are soft and moisturized all day long, that is not an overstatement. Despite hand washing, showering, and doing dishes, the moisture infusion that this product delivers lasts all day.

What's In It

What's In It

A healthy dose of glycerin, hydrating fatty acids, beeswax, shea butter, oils of lavender, sweet almond, and citrus, and a slew of other conditioning ingredients that cocoon the skin in hydration and moisture.

Why It's Worth It

At roughly $2.78 per ounce, this is a no-brainer as it outperforms hand creams that are double, triple, and quadruple the price. This affordable miracle product has become a treasured part of my bedtime routine, and not a morning goes by that I don't wake up floored by the results. I haven't tried O'Keeffe's other products, so I can't discuss how this compares to their other offerings, but after falling head-over-heels in love with this one, I plan on working my way through their other products, head to toe. $17.99, Amazon.

by Christopher Ehlers

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