Nathan Galui, 'Design Star' finalist

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The fourth season of HGTV Design Star is set against the backdrop of the legendary Hollywood Hills. What could be more glamorous? Design challenges are even more over the top than in previous seasons and the solutions are ingenious.

They have 11 new, fiercely competitive, mega creative finalists chosen from thousands of talented people. One of the finalists is West Palm Beaches own, Nathan Galui, who was nice enough to sit down with me for an interview.

HOTSPOTS: At what age did you realize you liked or had an interest in design and how did this come about?

Nathan Galui: When I was very little; art and design was always a part of my life as my father and grandfather were contractors, so the whole building process was there.

HOTSPOTS: Did design influence your childhood and teenage years?

Nathan Galui: It did, as I was always around building and construction. How could it not? As a youngster I liked art and painting and as a teenager I became enthralled with design.

HOTSPOTS: You seem to have a unique fashion style. What is it and does it influence your design?

Nathan Galui: It does influence how I think of designing. My fashion is a reflection of my personality, which of course is reflected in my designs. My designs are very hip, modern, with a touch of rustic, urban and I use a lot of color.

HOTSPOTS: What's your best feature(s) in regard to design?

Nathan Galui: My hands on approach and I multitask well. I create interiors and the various elements within those interiors. I try and make each space personal and custom for clients.

HOTSPOTS: What has been your favorite design project and why?

Nathan Galui: Creating a chair that I designed. The reason it is my favorite is because it is transformative (multipurpose) furniture. It transforms from a lounge chair to an ottoman.

HOTSPOTS: What is your ultimate design project?

Nathan Galui: To build my dream home as I know it will be an eclectic mixture of designs that I have developed throughout the years.

HOTSPOTS: Describe the experience on Design Star?

Nathan Galui: It was definitely an experience like no other. I mean living in Hollywood with 10 other designers; I loved every minute of it. I wish I could be back there still doing it. It was such a fantastic experience.

HOTSPOTS: I hear there was a change in the judges this season. How did that effect the competition?

Nathan Galui: Yes this year 2/3 of the judge's panel changed. Vern Yip is still there, but this year he is joined by HGTV personalities Genevieve Gorder and Candice Olson. The judges were very informative and could be our potential colleagues. The other change is that this year the judges pick the winner as opposed to America picking the winner.

HOTSPOTS: I hear your guilty pleasure is skinny dipping. I am sure our readers would like to know where you do that.

Nathan Galui: Usually in the privacy of my own home, but I have been known to skinny dip at the beach late at night.

HOTSPOTS: Are you dating someone? If not what are you looking for?

Nathan Galui: I recently came out of a year relationship and right now I am all about making friends and focusing on my career.

Catch Nathan Galui this season on HGTV's Design Star which premieres Sunday July 19th at 10 pm. You can also catch him live on the 19th at The Lounge in West Palm Beach which will be producing a premiere party and showing the first episode on 3 42" televisions as well as from a projector.

by Robert Nesti , EDGE National Arts & Entertainment Editor

Robert Nesti can be reached at [email protected].

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