Ethan Hethcote, left, and Mark Miller, right, from one of their most popular videos from 2015. Source: YouTube still

Where are they Now: Former YouTube Couple Mark Miller & Ethan Hethcote

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When it comes to gay trailblazers during the social media age, not many couples made a statement like Ethan Hethcote and Mark Miller. The handsome, thoughtful couple were at the top of the LGBTQ+ totem pole on YouTube in the 2010s. Their videos influenced social media stars of today, but that doesn't mean Miller and Hethcote have given up on sharing their lives.

Despite being broken up for quite a few years, the duo pivoted to new mediums to stay relevant. Hethcote has especially found success modeling on OnlyFans, while Miller still makes YouTube videos. Let's look at how these sexy studs are doing in 2024!

Miller and Hethcote talk about their relationship in this classic video from nearly a decade ago. Fans from back in the day all the way to the present commented below the interview how vital Miller and Hethcote's representation was to them in a time before mainstream queer media of the 2020s. One person commended Miller for not taking the video down just because he and Hethcote are no longer together.

This shows Miller understands the vitality of their story within the community. Many LGBTQ+ folks today don't realize how much progress has been made in such a short amount of time. Miller and Hethcote were an ultra-famous gay couple on YouTube at a time when gay influencers were still in the minority. With almost one million views on the video, the ex-couple should be proud of the effect they've had on the community.

Miller takes up some of his social media presence today by showing his adorable dog to the millions of fans on Instagram. His dog had a knee procedure (ACL surgery) during the summer of 2023. While human athletes commonly undergo this operation, Miller's pup shows that our pets often have to endure the same struggles. It's beautiful to see Miller's protective spirit and shining smile in these pictures!

Hethcote has gone more of the route of OnlyFans and modeling since breaking up with Miller. In this steamy preview video, Hethcote and new beau, Stevie Miller, take playing with basket balls a little more literally than expected! Unlike many content creators who do modeling, Hethcote rewards his followers with well thought out scenes and interesting scenarios instead of basic, bland photos or selfies.

Miller has always been eloquent and has been able to reflect on the turning points in life's journey from his early 20s to the present. When celebrating his 31st time around the sun, Miller shows appreciation for his past and hope for the future. It's indicative of the scary yet fascinating existential thoughts that run amok as people evolve into each new decade of life.

Gay men often worry about aging and how it will affect their place in the community, therefore, it's vital for influencers like Miller to show young viewers that those anxieties don't have to exist.

Hethcote loves to share his travels and adventures with the world. He took a trip to Sicily in 2022, where he enjoyed time with his boyfriend and took in the sights and sounds of the historic European locale. The picture with the vespa reminds makes us want to visit Italy or at least rewatch The White Lotus!

Hethcote decided to be a little less wordy than his ex-boyfriend when showing off his 29th birthday celebration. He let the pictures of the Dalmatian Coast do the talking while enjoying the beautiful water and a fresh kiwi!

Miller still makes YouTube videos, but now many of the vlogs are more podcast-style conversations with other influencers. He tackles the issues like body image, promiscuity, and sexting in the queer community, especially in regards to dating apps. Fans enjoy seeing Miller's thoughtfulness and the evolution of his content over a decade after starting online.

Part of Hethcote's appeal to his fans is his loyalty to his Midwestern roots. He regularly goes back to his hometown of Indiana or lives like he did when he was growing up in a rural area. Showing some chest hair and a flannel shirt, the influencer introduces his fans to a new cat named Yoshi!

Miller feeds into the thirst worthiness of Shawn Mendes by trying a $70 white shirt advertised by the sexy singer through his campaign with Tommy Hilfiger. Miller sticks to his classic vlogging style with personable looks into his daily routine and a healthy conversation in the comments section.

Hethcote gets sensual and steamy with a preview of the type of content he specializes in now on OnlyFans. A peek at his tattooed torso and legs will surely entice many fans to subscribe to his account!

Miller talks about the unique circumstances, triumphs, and fears that litter the gay community when trying to date and find a significant other. There are clearly special issues facing queer folks that straight people don't have to think about when going out on a date, and fans in the comments talked about some of the largest talking points. Superficiality and a focus on sex instead of internal qualities were at the top of the list of problems.

Hethcote shows his trip to Rome during the winter of 2022. This type of vacation content gives fans a nice look at his life away from modeling and shows him to be just as cultured and interesting as when he dated Miller.

by Shawn Laib

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