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Out Actor Wilson Cruz Shares Shirtless Thirst Trap, Workout Routine

Kilian Melloy READ TIME: 3 MIN.

Gay "Star Trek: Discovery" actor Wilson Cruz took to Instagram to make fans' dreams come true of getting a glimpse into his start-of-the-day fitness routine.

"Mornings with Wilson, (because some have asked about the every morning routine)," the 50-year-old "Star Trek: Discovery" star posted, along with a selfie that showed off a sculpted physique (well-developed pectorals, a washboard abdomen) that's the fruit of his regimen.

Cruz revealed that he doesn't limit himself to lifting weights; indeed, lifting only comes after 20 minutes of yoga, with the healthful system of stretching expanding to "30-60" minutes "on non-lifting days," he said. After that, Cruz disclosed, he meditates for "[a]t least" 10 minutes.

Then, and only then, do the weights and other exercises commence. In addition to lifting, Cruz detailed a regimen that includes "3X supersets (in succession, back to back)" of:

  • "20 ab rollouts"
  • "20 push ups"
  • "Pull ups to failure"

    "Take on the day," Cruz posted. "Lift 3, maybe 4 times a week."

    Check out some of the other sizzling posts Cruz has on Instagram:

    by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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