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13 Insta-Reasons We Love Out Mexican Soap Star Polo Morín

Shawn Laib READ TIME: 14 MIN.

Unless you're a fan of Mexican telenovelas, you're probably unfamiliar with the work of out actor and model Polo Morín.

He's appeared in numerous Spanish-speaking shows such as "Gossip Girl: Acapulco" and "La Rosa de Guadalupe." He's about to become more famous with American audiences when the anticipated gay rom-com "Red, White, & Royal Blue," hits Amazon Prime Video on August 11. We want to show you some of the actor's sexiest thirst traps on Instagram in preparation for the film.

Morín gets to live every gay man's dream by taking a photo with the ultimate pop heartthrob, Shawn Mendes. Both men look stunning in this collage replete with a funny caption describing the exchange between the two. Mendes tells him that he does indeed speak a little bit of Spanish!

If there is one thing that makes a person even more sexy, it is the ability to cook. Morín advertises his culinary skills in an effort to get people to watch him on a celebrity bake-off show in Mexico. Those biceps are looking as fine as any of the baked goods.

Morín says goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023 with this gorgeous thirst trap of himself and several hunky castmates on a show in which the actors are dressed up as both firemen and soccer players. It's hard to choose which man is the hottest, but we'll go with Morín once again.

Morín takes to the cover of NOIR to talk about his appearance in "Red, White, & Royal Blue" as a still unannounced character. He tells the publisher in Spanish that he can't wait to continue to be a part of important projects that inspire the masses and leave a mark on society long after he is done acting. This is a hugely humble comment for him to make, and we think this will help Morín expand his career in the future.

Morín celebrates his 32nd birthday by talking about the things he has learned so far, the perspectives you gain as you get older and more. He looks fantastic in his shirtless ensemble that is accented by a dashing western vibe: a cowboy hat and checkered scarf.

Morín does a classic photo dump by showing his fans all of the fun he had on vacation back in October 2022. It would appear that the actor was taking a trip to France because of the Eiffel Tower's presence in the background.

Morín gets really steamy in this beautiful thirst trap of him standing in front of some trees and flipping off the camera! The model is sizzling with his bulge out front and center and nothing but a black pair of undies on.

Morín jokes about how hard it was to maintain his beautiful hairstyle in this picture that looks like it was from the aforementioned France trip. His blonde hair and blue eyes really pop in the sunshine.

Cool us down right now! Morín blasts his hairy thighs in our faces along with his bulge in this skimpy swimwear on the beach. He looks like he fits in perfectly as the hunky lifeguard who saves us all during our time of need.

Morín has great hair, but a cap makes him look boyish and charming in a whole different way. He shows off this alternative style in this set of photos with a backward and front-facing hat.

We finally get a picture of Morín's backside in this thirst-worthy swim collage with the actor on top of an adorable turtle floaty to ensure he doesn't fall off in the water.

Morín celebrates Christmas with his dog and a shirtless thirst trap. If Santa could deliver us one thing for Christmas this coming December, it would be nice for it to be Polo Morín.

Morín has a great sense of humor, posing with this statue of Chief Wiggum from "The Simpsons." Everyone loves the hit Fox sitcom all over the globe three decades later.

by Shawn Laib

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