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Getting to Know Adorable TikTok Couple Xander & Jay

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Not every influencer has to have a specific claim to fame. Sometimes people gain traction just because they have natural charisma, incredible energy, and deep chemistry with their audience. In the case of Xander & Jay, a TikTok couple from Scotland, all of the above has helped them to garner nearly 200,000 followers on the platform. They also have (all NSFW)Instagram, Twitter, and OnlyFans accounts. We want to let you get to know Xander & Jay more through their TikTok, though.

The Scottish couple started using YouTube a little bit more often to give more personal deep dives into their relationship, and this video where they explain how they met is certainly a great place to start. The 11 minutes fly by, with fans learning that the adorable Scots were actually never supposed to meet one on one, but as intermediaries with a third partner. Love always finds a way to develop, though, and we think it's great they're still together years later!

@xanderandjay he's a deep sleeper 🙄
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Xander & Jay like to make videos on TikTok that joke about their personal lives with one another, especially romantically and sexually. Here Xander decides to joke around while Jay is sleeping, hitting him with a booty to the face right after he awakens from a deep nap. The playful video helps to show their fun relationship and how they're light hearted with one another.

@xanderandjay Bro fills me up with confidence 💋
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Xander & Jay show their affection for one another with this kissing video on TikTok. Commenters were enamored with their cozy, loving partnership, saying they wish they had their own gay relationship like this one. We certainly agree that the two lads make for a handsome, envy-inducing pairing.

@xanderandjay everything means e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g 👀
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The two TikTok influencers respond to claims that they spend too much time together by playfully showing that they do, indeed, spend every second awake with the other person. From brushing their teeth to...more intimate activities, Xander & Jay are a perfect match made in heaven!

@xanderandjay one cooks / one eats 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Many couples love cooking together. Food has always been something people bond over, and with more access to cooking videos it seems newbies are trying their best to get in the kitchen. Xander & Jay joke here about how one person is often doing the heavy lifting when they tell others that they're cooking with each other. Someone's gotta eat the finished product, right?

@xanderandjay from boy friend to good friend real quick 😂
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Xander & Jay discuss the different ways they have to behave around different sets of parents, with one family being much more comfortable with public displays of affection. As long as their relationship is still accepted by all families, hopefully there are no further issues.

by Shawn Laib

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