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'Below Deck' Star Bruno Continues Gay Adult Career


Fans of the TV Show "Below Deck" are getting to know one of its stars a lot more intimately. Recently the gay adult studio Raging Studio released "its first-ever scene with Bravo reality star Lobo Carreira – someone who you may know as Bruno (Bruno Duarte Vincent) from the fifth season of 'Below Deck.'"writes the adult gay reporting website The Sword,

"For the record, Lobo is open on social media about being Bruno from Below Deck. Please do not interpret this as us doxxing or outing him,' the site adds.

"Bruno is an openly gay man and some of the struggles he's had with his sexuality were documented on the show. In 2017, Bruno is married to content creator Alex Ink. (Visit Alex Ink's Instagram at this link.

In the scene, Carreira is seen a three-way with Justin Jett and Alex Ink in the first scene from director Tony Dimarco's "Well Bred."

This isn't Bruno's adult gay film debut. Previously he made a scene for Colt with his partner Jose (Joseph) in 2020. "I am a huge fan of "Below Deck" and a friend of mine was on the show as a guest and on that episode, I saw Bruno in his red, starred swim suit where he has to be a table decoration during a 'Naked Sushi' dinner," Colt director and owner John Rutherford said in a release.

The scene is pretty infamous at this point. "I had written him on [Instagram] telling him I was a big fan and thought he looked great. We stayed in touch and because Bruno and Jose live in the South of France, so we met up in Paris and decided to do a photo shoot and video with them both. We wanted it to be erotic and intimate.... The rest is history, as they say."

"Hailing from Lisbon, Portugal, Bruno Duarte joins the M/Y Valor as a deckhand this season. After a traumatic childhood, growing up with the loss of a twin brother and an abusive father, Bruno was forced to be an older brother and father figure for his family," reads a biographical sketch on the "Below Deck" website. "After working as a waiter in restaurants and five-star hotels, Bruno quickly began to focus his career path. Bruno took his passion for hospitality from land to sea and moved on to cruise ships, becoming an officer in guest services and guest relations. Eager to challenge himself, Bruno decided to bring his skills to luxury yachting. While new to the exclusive yachting world, Bruno is excited to master his deckhand responsibilities."

Check out pics from Duarte's Instagram:

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