Happy Valley Massachusetts Unveils 'Wicked Fast' Cannabis Edibles


The future of cannabis edibles has arrived, perhaps fittingly, in a place called Happy Valley. It's a breakthrough derived from the science of nanotechnology, which creates tiny particles that the body can process rapidly. Formulated as a way to feel cannabis' effects faster, the new product line is called X-CELL NANO, and it's quickly gaining fans.

Happy Valley Massachusetts is the adult-use and medical cannabis company that created X-CELL NANO. The business is one of few in the industry that's vertically integrated, meaning that its team cultivates, manufactures, and sells its own Happy Valley products.

Almost all of Happy Valley's products are sold wholesale, and you can buy their products at more than fifty dispensaries throughout the Commonwealth, including at retail dispensaries in Gloucester and East Boston. Happy Valley earns loyal customers for its reliable cannabis-flower cultivars (marijuana strains), concentrates, topicals, and more. The label's edibles are especially popular, including its new line of vegan, gluten-free fruit drops that launched this spring.

Always striving for ways to better serve customers, Happy Valley launched X-CELL NANO in July 2022. The brand-new line is unlike standard edibles that are processed slowly through digestion. Instead, the THC effects of X-CELL Gummies and Stir Stix – each sold in a variety of flavors – are felt "wicked fast," as they say in Massachusetts.

"The first thing to know is that the name comes from nanotechnology, with the word 'nano' meaning 'extremely small,'" says Happy Valley Associate Director of Product Development Torrin Panico. "By creating nanoparticles, we make cannabis more bioavailable to the human body."

"Happy Valley's X-CELL NANO science is very different from what is traditionally found in the cannabis market at this time," says Panico. "Our process is borrowed from the pharmaceutical industry, and it's a new, unique proprietary process of creating a co-crystal nanoparticle, and not an emulsion."

The nanoparticles are so small that, once consumed, they bypass digestion and quickly enter the bloodstream. A consumer will likely begin feeling THC's effects in 15 minutes or less.

Better still, feeling those effects sooner allows the consumer to start with smaller doses, then decide whether to take more. It allows more individual control over dosage, and eliminates the uncontrollable THC onset that can result from eating too many traditional, slowly digested cannabis edibles.

Happy Valley's standout product in the line is the X-CELL NANO Stir Stix drink pouches, which came from a goal "to make an on-the-go, sugar-free drink mix that doesn't spoil, doesn't need to be cold, withstands heat, and travels well," Panico says.

Sold in 10-packs each containing five milligrams of THC, X-CELL Stir Stix come either Unflavored, or in Raspberry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Strawberry, and Orange Pineapple. To use, just open a flavored package and add to water or another beverage. Or opt for the versatile Unflavored Stir Stix, and add THC to anything you like.

Panico says he prefers adding Unflavored Stir Stix to his coffee, but "it's not limited to beverages. You can put this packet in your cereal, on your ice cream, mix it in your mayo before you put it on a sandwich, in a beverage, or with any of your favorite recipes – the options are endless."

Happy Valley also launched the new X-CELL NANO Gummies, applying the nano-cannabis formulation to the brand's award-winning gummies recipe, and now sold in flavors of Grape, Sour Green Apple, and Strawberry Lemonade. Just like the Stir Stix, the new gummies are available in 10-packs, and each bite contains five milligrams of THC.

"These delicious gummies now hit you wicked fast, so you can feel the effects in approximately 15 minutes," says Panico. "By feeling it faster you can dial in your experience more accurately, without the wait."

Both medical and recreational consumers in Massachusetts can order Happy Valley products for in-store pickup in the coastal town of Gloucester and in the flagship East Boston location (near Logan Airport). Look for a new third location opening in 2023 in Boston's Brighton neighborhood.

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by Kelsy Chauvin

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