A Happy Valley host at one of the company's retail locations

Happy Valley Massachusetts Is Doing Cannabis Differently


We hear plenty about cannabis dispensaries with huge selections of brands and products. But for Happy Valley Massachusetts, the most consistent, premium-quality cannabis experiences come from within. That's because Happy Valley cultivates, makes, and sells only its own cannabis products.

Founded in 2016, Happy Valley began its operations by collecting the most sought-after cannabis genetics to grow in its Gloucester, MA facility. From familiar favorites like Super Lemon Haze to rare "small batches," the company now grows around 50 different cultivars. At Happy Valley's product manufacturing facility, the company then packages its flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape cartridges, and a variety of solventless concentrates.

Those in-house products are the exclusive inventory stocked at Happy Valley's two dispensaries, located in the coastal town of Gloucester and in the flagship East Boston location (near Logan Airport). A third location is on the horizon for 2023 in Boston's Brighton neighborhood. Happy Valley's products are also sold at other Massachusetts dispensaries, and the company plans to roll out to other states as legal adult-use cannabis continues to expand.

Happy Valley's Gloucester location

But why handle every aspect of the cannabis grow-make-sell pipeline yourself?

Happy Valley's Vice President of Technology and Strategic Growth Gregg Weiss says, "Being vertically integrated means we can control the quality and the consistency of all of our products."

"At most other dispensaries that have several brands of cannabis products, it's likely that customers will opt for the Budtender recommendation, which might be whatever brand is in stock that day, not necessarily the best product fit," he says. "So the majority of the time the Budtender holds the keys to what the customer is going to purchase."

"At Happy Valley we're a little different," says Weiss. "That's because we only sell our own brand, with the exception of drinks, and we can stand by the quality of our cannabis and exactly how our products are made. This makes for a consistent experience, regardless of what cannabis product is purchased."

"Our Host might say, 'This is how this product makes me feel, and other customers have said similar things,'" says Weiss. "But there's no guarantee that this is going to be how it makes you feel."

To help with tracking some of the brand's different cultivars, the Happy Valley Insider App lets customers create a "Journal" entry of each product to log how they felt when consuming. The app also invites users to access their purchase history, check for rewards points (for medical patients only), and place an order for pick-up.

Lime OG, one of the cannabis strains available at Happy Valley.

Inside the stores, Happy Valley Hosts are glad to educate new cannabis consumers, or those coming back to it now that it's legal for adult use in Massachusetts – and 18 other U.S. states (plus 38 states with legal medical use). Weiss says that Happy Valley online reviews consistently show comments from customers praising dispensary hosts who take their time assisting and explaining merchandise, and sharing good recommendations.

"And because we only carry our Happy Valley products in our own retail stores, it's not like we're giving one recommendation for the best gummy brand one day, and then next week it's another recommendation for a different brand," says Weiss. "We're always selling the best quality product in our store – which is our own Happy Valley brand of products."

For more on Happy Valley dispensaries and products, visit the Happy Valley website. There is also a Spanish version.

by Kelsy Chauvin

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