Flower Power: Flower Co.'s Weed Delivery Blossoms in California

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday June 22, 2021

It's been five years since California led the charge with legalizing marijuana under Proposition 64. Still, it's taken that amount of time for the industry practices to catch up to the demands of the 21st-century consumer.

Reliable and tested cannabis products can carry a higher price tag — the price many felt they had to pay for a product with transparency. But now, recreational marijuana users can enjoy legal weed products at lower prices through Flower Co.

Founded in 2018, Flower Co. conveniently connects marijuana consumers via delivery service to the best weed strains the market offers. Benefitting from the company's streamlined vertical business model that connects growers to consumers without a cost-prohibitive storefront, Flower Co. customers pay 25-50 percent less than retail prices on average.

"Weed is just too expensive for many users to justify purchasing legally," explains Ted Lichtenberger, co-founder of Flower Co. "Why would a user with a friend of a friend switch to the legal market to pay more when the illicit market is working just fine? The need for a tested, reliable product at a price competitive with street prices is what Flower Co. fulfills."

In California, one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana use, taxes on cannabis can be as high as 40 percent, explains Lichtenberger, which can price many people out of safe recreational marijuana use. "The company was founded when we realized just how expensive it is to buy weed in California," he says.

Cultivated under the California sun, Flower Co.'s customer base spans multiple zip codes across the Golden State. Diverse menu offerings reflect a diversity of consumer lifestyles, says Lichtenberger. Yet what unites grower, Flower Co. and customers is a shared appreciation for cannabis products done right.

"They trust us because we're authentic. Many of our employees come from the traditional market, and we speak directly about the products they love," shares Lichtenberger. Products include pre-rolls, concentrates , edibles and top-shelf flower. "Delivering weed is in our DNA. We can deliver to over 50 percent of Californians from Humboldt County to Los Angeles," he adds, explaining that knowledgeable drivers deliver orders.

In its simplest form, what separates Flower Co. from other cannabis companies is "authenticity," says Lichtenberger. In the company's early stages under a membership model, the Flower Co. carried a limited product line available in bulk. An annual membership awarded consumers competitive pricing and is still available, offering free next-day delivery for orders over $75. But consumers don't have to be a member to enjoy the company's deep-rooted benefits, including a close courtship with local cannabis growers in California.

Organically, the company's business model has blossomed into a virtual superstore.

"Flower Co. has evolved as we learn more about our users and get feedback directly from them about what they want to see more of," says Lichtenberger. "The best part of founding a company is getting to learn exactly what people want. Today, we look much more like a superstore. We have thousands of products from hundreds of brands."

"Customers will only benefit more the closer Flower Co.'s relationships with farmers are," says Lichtenberger. "Traditionally, cannabis cultivators did not have access to their end user. They ran through brokers, distributors, and today retailers."

He explains, "By accessing customers directly, they get immediate feedback about what users want and customers get the products they love for 20 to 40% less than they otherwise would."

In the end, everyone wins.

"There are lots of weed delivery companies out there but none that rival our selection and pricing," says Lichtenberger. "By removing the storefront, we're able to pass along the savings to our members and customers."