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Firework Frenzies? How to Keep Pets Calm and Safe This 4th of July

Sunday June 20, 2021
Originally published on June 19, 2021

Firework Frenzies? How to Keep Pets Calm and Safe This 4th of July
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Cami Cacciatore, PawCBD

July 4th is summer's biggest holiday, celebrated with friends and family, lots of food, and fireworks. But, as much as we enjoy the festivities, they can be downright frightening and even dangerous for our furry family members — especially fireworks.

More pets go missing during the July 4th celebrations than any other time of the year. July 5th is the busiest day of the year at animal shelters as they fill up with pets traumatized during fireworks who run away in fear.

Keeping Them Calm and Safe

While not all pets are afraid of fireworks, many do struggle with noise sensitivity. Common signs include hiding, shivering, pacing, whining, lip-licking, and putting their ears back. If your furry friends display any of these behaviors, they are probably suffering from noise sensitivity.

So what can you do? With a bit of planning and precaution, you can keep your pets safe and comfortable during the July 4th celebrations.

Leave Your Pets at Home

Even if your dog normally enjoys tagging along, it's best to leave Fido at home in a safe space while you enjoy the fireworks and festivities. Unfamiliar places, large crowds, strange smells, and loud noises can be super scary for pets. In these situations, animals can easily spook and try to escape, so don't force them to be somewhere they'll be afraid or anxious.

(Source: Paw CBD)

Make a Safe Space
At home in a closed, quiet, and familiar space is the safest place for your pet. Provide a cozy, comfortable area with their own bed or blanket. Turn on some white noise like a fan, radio, or TV to help muffle outside noise. Make sure they have plenty of toys to play with and distract them. Before you head out, take them for an extra-long walk or play with them to burn off excess energy. Leave them with lots of fresh water to drink (they can pant excessively when nervous), and spoil them with a tasty cat treat or dog treat to help them relax.

If your pet hides, don't scold or ignore them, and never force them out of a safe space. Instead, just sit or play with them; they will be calmer if you act like everything is okay. And if you know your pet is overly afraid of fireworks and you can't stay with them, ask someone to spend time with them to soothe and distract them.

Provide and Update Proper ID
Always be sure both cats and dogs have identification tags with your name and a current telephone number. If pets get lost, a proper ID tag is the best way to be reunited! And since tags can get lost or removed, be sure your pet is microchipped and keep your contact information updated with the microchip registry. If lost pets are found and taken to a shelter or veterinarian, they will be scanned for a chip, which is why it's vital to keep your contact information current.

Keep Them Safe Outdoors
If you must be outside with your pets during your holiday festivities, be sure to have them securely on a leash and keep them close at all times. Do not leave them alone outdoors, even in a fenced yard, and never tied up. A frightened dog will do almost anything to escape and can easily cause serious (and even life-threatening) injury to themselves. And if you have an indoor/outdoor kitty, make sure they're safely inside the house for the night.

Be Aware of Hidden Dangers
Even if you don't plan on going out on July 4th, take care to keep your pets away from things you use to celebrate at home. Small fireworks, glow jewelry, lighter fluid, matches, citronella candles, tiki torch fluid, and insect repellents pose dangers to pets. Skin exposure to these popular items can cause allergic reactions and irritation, and ingestion can be dangerous or even deadly. We all know pets can be curious and play with anything, so keep an eye on them to keep them safe.

(Source: Paw CBD)

Consider CBD for Comfort and Calm
Now that you know how to keep your pet safe this July 4th, you should consider CBD to help them stay calm and relaxed as well. If you have a scaredy-cat, our feline-friendly Paw CBD oils or soft chew for cats make a purr-fect daily addition and provide a little extra TLC.

For your panicky pooch, Paw CBD Calming Oil Tincture and Paw CBD Calming Soft Chews are formulated with naturally soothing ingredients to offer additional comfort and care. Or try a Paw CBD Calming Bundle for Dogs that includes both products, available in two options sized just right for your fireworks-fearing friend.

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