Burst Pipe Rains on Christian Siriano's Oscar Gown Parade

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Friday March 10, 2023

Christian Siriano
Christian Siriano  (Source:Associated Press)

Celebrity designer Christian Siriano shared heartbreaking news at Instagram that a burst pipe wreaked havoc on his studio mere days before his creations are to be seen at the Oscars.

"Well it's 6 days before the Oscar's and a pipe burst in our studio yay happy Monday to us!" Siriano shared on March 6, Good Morning America reported.

"Hope these gowns are okay!" a caption superimposed on the posted video said.

"Cardboard shipping boxes that could fit gowns were seen among the water-logged items, as the sound of dripping water could be heard throughout the video," GMA recounted.

Luckily, Siriano's post clarified, "Only a few dresses ruined 😩😩."

It was Siriano who dressed openly gay actor Billy Porter in an instantly iconic creation that was a formal men's tuxedo on top and voluptuous black gown below. Porter wore the gown to the Oscars that year.

Fans of the designer flocked to his post's comments section to offer words of encouragement.

"Release the stress and work that genius magic we all know that lives in you!" one person wrote. "I'm even more excited now to see the red carpet Siriano fashions! They are gonna slayyyyyy!!! ❤️❤️❤️"

"This is such a suck sandwich," another commiserated, "but knowing you and your incredible team, you all will handle this like the pros you are and make Oscar magic happen, regardless of this mess."

Another brought a dose of humor to the disheartening situation, posting, "I don't remember this challenge in Project Runway 😕"

Fans will have to wait for Sunday night's Academy Awards broadcast to see Siriano's latest gowns revealed, but the designer offered a hopeful sign with a March 9 post that included a "[look] back on this major look we created for the fabulous @janellemonae at @vanityfair".

"Honestly our mood and vibe right now when it's 3 days before the Oscars!" Siriano posted.

Though Monáe, who is openly non-binary, did not secure a nomination, their supporting role in the "Knives Out" sequel "Glass Onion" generated considerable Oscar buzz.

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