I'm Obsessed with 'The Kardashians' on Hulu — Here's Why

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday March 18, 2023
Originally published on March 14, 2023

"The Kardashians"
"The Kardashians"  (Source:Image: Hulu)

There are certain things that people tend to have knee-jerk reactions to. Brussels sprouts. Kombucha. Sushi. And yeah, even the Kardashians. Prior to the Kardashian-Jenner clan debuting their new Hulu show — simply titled "The Kardashians" — last spring, I was like most people: I knew all their names, I knew the headlines, I've seen clips here and there, but I didn't really know anything about them. And truthfully, I didn't care that much. But after completing (or should I say, kompleting) the second season of their enormously entertaining new show on Hulu, I don't only feel like I know them, but that I'm rooting for their success. Allow me to explain just why "The Kardashians" is something worth obsessing over.

The Love is Real

While many reality shows don't feel very real at all, there isn't a second of "The Kardashians" that doesn't seem authentic. Ignoring all the things that make them larger-than-life, at the heart of "The Kardashians" is a profound family love story. From heart-to-heart conversations to moments of delirious celebration. The family is unimpeachably tight, and that's one of the things that comes across so beautifully in their new series. Fiercely protective of one another, their closeness is something to admire, and it's even caused me to think about certain ways that I interact with my own family. And no, I never imagined in a million years that the Kardashians would bring about any self-reflection, but here we are.

Respect the Hustle

The Kardashians didn't get where they are by being lazy, but I guess I always just assumed that their success had a lot to do with the privilege they were born into and the huge opportunities that came along with that. And while, of course, that has a little to do with it, "The Kardashians" shows just how hard they all work. They hustle nonstop. They get up and work when they don't want to. They have meetings on their way to other meetings. The work ethic is incredibly inspiring and impressive, and their blood, sweat, and tears are poured into everything they do. Again, the private jets and handbag collections might not be relatable, but we get to see first-hand in "The Kardashians" that everything they have is the result of pure, unadulterated hard work. And that's something we can all learn from. As Kim candidly points out in one of the episodes, she's had to work tirelessly over the years to get to a place where people took her seriously. Hard work and integrity will get you far.

Their Honesty is Disarming

We've all heard opinions on the Kardashians at some point. But you know who else has heard those opinions? The Kardashians themselves. In "The Kardashians," we see just how public perception informs their decisions, daily life, and mental health. We also see some controversies being addressed on the show in honest, open ways. The exes. The Met dress. The "get off your ass and work" controversy. They don't shy away from the tough stuff. As such, their transparency is alluring.

They're Aspirational

For all of the things that make the Kardashians relatable, there are just as many things that make them hard to relate to, namely their extravagant material possessions. It's that mix of relatability and aspiration that makes watching "The Kardashians" so fulfilling, though. When you watch an episode and see their impressive hustle alongside their beautiful homes, clothes, cars, and jets, it's a reminder that hard work and integrity pays off, and their success is hugely motivating. Don't forget, Kris Jenner has talked about the fact that the family once struggled financially, with her credit card even getting declined at the grocery store. "The Kardashians" shows us that success — and the spoils that come with it — are out there and ready for the taking.

What "The Kardashians" on Hulu affords us is a look inside the lives of some of the most famous people in the world. And not only famous, but loving, sincere, vulnerable, hard-working, and damn funny. Whether you want to admit it or not, the Kardashians are the closest thing America has to a royal family. Now that's TV worth obsessing over.

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