EDGE Rewind: IG Snafu: Ex-NFL Star Eric Decker's 4-Year-Old Son Posts Pic of Him in Shower

Monday January 23, 2023
Originally published on July 13, 2022

Eric Decker
Eric Decker  (Source:Instagram)

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Former NFL player Eric Decker is no stranger to thirst traps, even nude ones; but he was surprised when two pics of him naked turned up on his Instagram on Monday.

A screenshot of a pic posted to Eric Decker's account with him in the shower on the left.
A screenshot of a pic posted to Eric Decker's account with him in the shower on the left.  

Page Six said that the pics, since deleted, "showed [Decker's son] Forrest smiling for a selfie, but to the left was his dad showering with his back — and the side of his bum — facing the camera. In one photo, Forrest gave an innocent smile, but in the other, he was laughing, seemingly knowing his dad was in the corner buck naked."

The pic was online for 30 minutes before one of Decker's friends informed his wife, Jessie James Decker. "No I can't stop laughing Jessie. I can't," she texted Jessie. "I am not even sure if u know he has his phone but if u don't know go grab," her friend texted Decker per a screenshot posted to her Instagram Story.

"Omg," the 34-year-old country singer replied before taking back her husband's phone. "I can't even," she wrote, along with a laughing/crying emoji.

The post was subsequently taken down, but, as The Daily Mail pointed out, "some noticed strands of blonde hair on the edge of the frame, leading them to wonder if the child actually took the picture or if mom Jessie was behind the camera."

Eric responded on his Instagram Stories: "Time to change the code... so much for letting Forrest watch his Avengers videos during my shower."

As we said, Decker is no stranger to thirst traps. He posted the one above earlier this year to promote Jessie's cookbook. "'It's bigger, better and tastier than what you could ever imagine...... I'm talking about my wife's amazing new cookbook 'just feed me' It's officially out now!' he suggestively captioned the photo," according to the Mail.

His wife also posted a pic of him sitting by a pool naked in a revealing profile shot to celebrate his 35th birthday. "What happens in Cabo," she wrote in the post.

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