If You're Gay, You Cannot Raise Children, Claims Comic Ali Siddiq

Saturday March 26, 2022

Stand-up comic Ali Siddiq went on Joe Rogan's Spotify show to offer his views on LGBTQ parenting. In short, he doesn't want it. In fact, he hates it.

The Daily Mail reports that the 48-year-old Texas-based comic said "that he would have difficulty explaining to his eight-year-old son how and why same-sex couples have children of their own."

"You want to send my son home to me and you want me to fucking lie to him about — because my son don't understand — If we have two dogs outside that are both boy dogs there's no puppy out there," Siddiq said.

Rogan suggested there may be ways to broach the subject. "'If you have two guys and they have a kid you can say they adopted the kid, they're married and they adopted a kid. You could say they hired a lady to have their kids,"

But Siddiq was adamant. "My son wants to know why in the fuck does two men live in a house together with a kid,' Siddiq said. 'You cannot explain to this boy!?"

Even Rogan was a bit aghast at Siddiq's doubling-down and wondered why the topic was so difficult.

"You can't explain gay people to him?" he pressed.

"Now I gotta explain that this is not how shit goes," Saddiq retorted.

He said that the idea of a same-sex couple would not make sense to his son, and that it "don't make sense to his goddamn 48-year-old father either."

He then added that if a person is gay, they forfeit their rights to raising children.

"If I decide that women aren't in the cards for me, that that's not what I want, then I should forfeit the right to try to have a fucking kid too. Cause you not doing the steps to make a kid," Siddiq explained.

"So you think, if someone is gay, if they have a gay relationship — no kids?" Rogan pressed. 

"No kids," Siddiq said firmly. "They shouldn't have kids. You're not in the space for children... You want to put someone in a position to be fucked up. It's like getting a dog but not having no fucking place for the dog to be."

Rogan then asked if a kid with gay parents would automatically be "fucked up," Siddiq yelled: "They're gonna be fucked up automatically!"

According to his Wiki entry Siddiq got his start in comedy while serving a prison term for trafficking in cocaine. "He served 6 years of a 15 year sentence in the Ruben M. Torres Unit in Hondo, Texas. It was during his incarceration, while telling jokes to fellow inmates, that he discovered his ability to make people laugh."

Twitter called Siddiq out on his comments:

Michael Robinson (@MichaelRobison) writes: "Curious what

@Ali_Speaks would have to say to me and my husband, as my kids are adopted and bio from my first marriage.... This ignorant point of view.... Ali, I'd love to have a convo brother, proximity changes things man! You're short selling your life"

Queen Milanovic (@Queenmilanovic) is less diplomatic. "This is the type of person we so don't need in the world."

Poppy Nova (@PoppyNova1) wonders what if his son turns out to be gay. "So stoopid of people with this mindset. Your SON is the one who will tell you he has feelings and urges that come from within him. HE will tell you about his gayness. It's biological not environmental. You foching idiots."

Tim Peacock (@TimAPeacock) went after Spotify for hosting Rogan, known for his own controversial views and those of his guests. "Another day, another example of @Spotify literally sponsoring hate speech via their promotion of @joerogan - this time with the assistance of homophobic 'comedian' @Ali_Speaks".

While user trump is still dangerous (@VJShordee444) was impressed how Rogan spoke back to Siddiq:

"Wow, @joerogan stood up to this homophobic man. Comedian #AliSiddiq tells Joe Rogan that same-sex couples should 'forfeit the right to have children' and says he refuses to tell his eight-year-old son about gay people"