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Getting Personal With Celso

by Dan Avery .
Monday May 3, 2010

Some performers can stop you dead in your tracks from across the room, and Celso de la Blanca is one of them. Her outré outfits and matching attitude have turned heads at Dr!p at Grace RoomMate Hotel, Planet Zizmor and the Box, where she turns it out on Wednesdays. "I started hosting Ian Ford's Club Anubis party about two years ago and the rest is history," she says. But how much effort goes into those glittery, glamorous costumes? "It's a creative ritual for me! I spend, on average, three hours getting ready," the 21-year-old reveals. We bribed her with some free Guerlain eyeliner and got her to share her secrets.

Choose One: Blonde, Brunet, Redhead, Black

YUCK! None of them! BLUE! GREEN! PINK! Technicolor madnes is what I want!

Where does the name Celso come from?

Brazil! I'm named after my father.

What was your favorite class in high school?

Art! (Duh.) Where else could I have lived the goth tranny high school fantasy?

Who's your celebrity crush?

Bjork, hunny. The one and only!

What's your worst fashion mistake?

Making an outfit that has no pee hole!

If you could live anywhere but New York, where would it be?

Berlin or Paris.

If you could change one thing about New York, what would it be?

The boys! I want less muscle, more eyeliner and glitter!

Choose One: Grace Kelly, Grace Slick, Grace Jones, Graceland

Grace Jones - As if you had to ask!

What's your pet peeve?

People that start fights in clubs. A club is a place [where] you go to have fun!

How would you define a "hot tranny mess"?

Oh dear-have you ever seen Shealita Baby?

What's your guilty pleasure?

Anything on the menu at Veniero's in the East Village!

Choose One: Mars, Neptune, Earth, Uranus

Planet Zizmor! But I could make Uranus my favorite place.

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