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Drinking For A Change

by Benjamin Solomon .
Thursday Apr 29, 2010

College students love to drink. In fact most college students like to drink so much they barley have time for anything else-even school! So when a small group of Emerson College alums, both gay and straight, decided they wanted to make a difference in their community, they found a way to do it without giving up their favorite hobby!

"Drinking for a Change ( was inspired by the church, actually. Some faith-based institutions have been raising money to defeat LGBT initiatives for years," says D4AC's Events Director Peter Dunn. "There aren't that many gay-friendly churches, but we do have gay bars and we should be using them to our advantage."

So last month D4AC sprung into action working with local gay bars such as therapy, The Ritz, The Stonewall Inn and Pieces to charge a dollar extra per drink, with the proceeds donated to local LGBT causes. The first weekend raised an estimated $10,000. "People were excited to be able to support great causes while just doing what they normally do," Dunn, 23, explains about D4AC's success. "I don't think charity should have to feel like a chore."

With momentum behind them D4AC is forging ahead, planning new parties and events over the next year, including a citywide Happy Hour to coincide with the AIDS Walk on May 16. So are they worried they're giving philanthropy a drunken image? "Just about every charity has incentives for their donors. Some people want an embroidered tote bag, a picture of a kid and a letter from Sally Struthers," Dunn points out, "And some people want vodka."

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