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Tiffany Fantasia Spills The Tea

Wednesday Oct 4, 2017

The only jewel finer than anything you'll find at Tiffany & Co is Miami's own Tiffany T Fantasia. A mix between Esther Anderson (from TV's Sanford & Son) and Jennifer Holliday, Tiffany is a tall drink of water that knows how to work a big wig and a pair of stiletto heels like no one else's business. Her drag is sarcastic, bitter yet funny and sweet. Andy Cohen counts himself among Tiffany Fantasia's biggest fans and even mentioned her in his book as one of the best drag hosts in South Beach.

When in Miami, don't miss Tiffany T Fantasia when she performs this weekend at Sunday Drag Brunch at Señor Frogs and Palace Tea Dance at Clevelander. Christian Larkin chatted with her as she was preparing for her shows.

It's an honor to sit down with the one and only Tiffany Fantasia!
Tiffany Fantasia: Oh honey, of course it is.

When and where did you get your start?

Tiffany Fantasia: I was 22 years old when I first started drag, and it was right here in Miami at Twist.

How did you develop your look?

Tiffany Fantasia: With me being so tall, it was hard to find outfits that fit. Plus I was a broke college student so my look reflected that. I wore whatever I could find.

Times have changed!

Tiffany Fantasia: It's amazing what money can do!

How would you describe your style of drag today?

Tiffany Fantasia: R&B, with a smidge of comedy.

Who are you some of your drag influences?

Tiffany Fantasia: Tiffany Ariagus, Tasha Long, and Wanda. My non-drag inspirations are Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, and Beyoncé.

How did you get your start at Palace?

Tiffany Fantasia: I was performing at Twist when I met Amy Rivers and she invited me to come over to Palace. That was many, many years ago.

Do you remember that first performance?

Tiffany Fantasia: Oh yes, I performed "Milkshake". But the performance that solidified my spot at the Palace was Dreamgirls' "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." I brought the house down with that number. I still have yet to hear an applause that loud and long at the Palace. It was surreal. That's when I knew Palace was the perfect fit for me.

That means you've been at Palace for over ten years.

Tiffany Fantasia: Yes, it's been 13 years. Wow, Palace holds many wonderful memories for me. Its become my second home.

How would you describe Palace for someone who has never been?

Tiffany Fantasia: Palace Bar on 12th and Ocean was the perfect combination of scenery, people, and alcohol. One of the funniest times I remember is when I threw my wig up in the air during a performance and it flew into a passing car and the car kept driving and never returned my wig! Oh, I miss that beautiful wig!

How are you bringing that love to Palace Tea Dance at Clevelander?

Tiffany Fantasia: I'm being me and bringing that same sass that everyone loves.

You're also hosting a weekly gig at Señor Frogs, produced by Voss Events.

Tiffany Fantasia: I'm so excited! Latrice Royale and Project Publicity's Len Evans simultaneously contacted me about working for Brandon Voss while I was hosting Curacao Pride.

You're replacing Elaine Lancaster. Did you see her remark about you in the Miami Herald?

Tiffany Fantasia: I did. I must say I'm not surprised. As soon as I made a name for myself in this town, she started throwing shade at me for no reason. She's always been bitter like that and I've always taken the high road and walked away. But you see where that got Hillary, so let's go! If Elaine would put the same energy she puts into spreading negativity into gaining some talent, learning how to put some hip pads on and fixing her falling face, then and only then can she come for me. Until then, sit down, shut up and learn something. Remember, this isn't the first time I've replaced you at a gig because you don't know how to act.

What has been the secret to your success?

Tiffany Fantasia: Simply being me. Bringing my wit, charm, laughter, and talent has served me well.

Are you anxious to kick off your heels in the still unannounced permanent location of Palace?

Tiffany Fantasia: I can't wait! They should be announcing the new location any day now. Of course, you know that doing anything on South Beach takes time, especially if you want to do it right. But I long for the day when I can announce to all our fans 'we got a place so you better hold on to our seats because we are about to get lit!' It will be soon, kids.

In the meantime, when you're in South Beach you can see Tiffany T Fantasia performing live Sundays at 1 pm at Drag Brunch at Señor Frog's (1450 Collins Avenue) and Sundays from 5 pm to midnight at the Palace Bar Sunset Tea-Dance at Clevelander (1020 Ocean Drive, on the C-Level Rooftop).


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