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Watch: Pastor Tells Kids 'No Such Thing as Transgenders' at Pride Event, is Forced to Leave

Monday Jun 18, 2018
David Grisham, left.
David Grisham, left.   (Source:Video screenshot via Facebook/KTVA)

A pastor recorded himself crashing a Pride event in Anchorage, Alaska last weekend, telling attendees of the family-friendly event, which included children, that there is "no such thing as transgenders." Unsurprisingly, he was booed and forced to leave.

David Grisham, a pastor of the Last Frontier Evangelism, posted a video on Facebook showing himself interrupting a reading that was part of Anchorage PrideWeek at the Loussac Library, CBS-affiliate news station KTVA reports. Someone else who was recording the reading also captured Grisham from another angle.

"Today we're at the Loussac Public Library where they're having story time with a drag queen," the pastor can be heard saying. "So we are gonna go inside and tell the kids the truth, there's no such thing as transgenders. And that God makes boys boys and girls girls and there's no changing."

When Grisham enters the room, two drag queens and a drag king are seen reading a book to a room full of kids and their parents.

"Hey kids, my name is Pastor David, and I want to tell you there's no such thing as transgenders," he says.

It isn't long before parents force Grisham to leave and he's drowned out by boos and children singing "Wheels on the Bus."

"I just encourage people who don't know the difference between a drag queen and somebody who is transgender to do their research look it up," JJ Harrier, PrideFest co-chair, told KTVA. "They are completely two different things. And so, the individual yesterday who was on a rant will probably continue to do so, but our community is so glued together right now, especially during pride week, that we're just gonna stick together and remind and educate people who we are."

This isn't the first time Grisham has protested LGBTQ repeated events. He pulled a similar stunt last year at the city's Pride Parade, KTVA reports. He also protested children waiting in line to see Santa, telling the kids, "Santa isn't real."

Watch Grisham's video along with KTVA's report, including other footage of the incident, below.


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