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Log Cabin Republicans Rejoice Over Being Formally Recognized by RNC After 40 Years

Friday Dec 1, 2017

Call it a case of either long overdue celebration or prolonged Stockholm Syndrome, but gay conservative group Log Cabin Republicans are over-the-moon after receiving a formal letter from the chairperson of the Republican National Committee "for the first time in history."

"I wanted you to be the first to know: for the first time in history, Chairwoman McDaniel has issued a formal letter on behalf of the Republican National Committee commemorating our organization's 40th anniversary and celebrating our 'decades of support for the LGBT community and its allies,'" read an email sent by Log Cabin Republicans president Gregory T. Angelo to followers on Thursday.

The letter from RNC chair Ronna R. McDaniel in recognition of the 40th anniversary of LCR's founding in part read:

"The Republican Party prides itself on being an inclusive Big Tent Party that fights for the values that Make America Great. We are fortunate to have strong, freedom-fighting advocates like the Log Cabin Republicans with us [..]"

"[W]e will continue to stand with the Log Cabin Republicans as you advance the ideals of freedom over oppression [..]"

"I don't need to tell you, but THIS. IS. HUGE.," Angelo wrote.

"I would like to convey our collective gratitude to Chairwoman McDaniel and the entire RNC as we work together in pursuit of a more equal America," Angelo concluded.

The RNC's forty-year walk down the aisle with LCR is proof that playing ball pays off - if you consider a letter from an organization whose platform advocates gay conversion therapy a "pay off."

Under Angelo, LCR has not only "played ball," but has been a veritable cheerleading squad for an administration that has consistently rolled back advancements and protections for LGBTQ Americans.

In early March, after President Trump removed protections for transgender students to use the restroom that aligns with their identity, Angelo stayed quiet on the policy and blasted liberals over their outrage.

"Last week while liberals were howling at the heavens, Log Cabin Republicans had our heads down working to develop common-sense conservative solutions to protect transgender students," Angelo wrote. As of this writing, no visibly implemented solution has surfaced.

In mid-March, LCR was quick to endorse the House of Representatives' first attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare with a bill that was blasted by the Congressional Budget Office and that the Human Rights Campaign warned could cost many living with HIV to lose their coverage.

In late March, Angelo completed his Judas trifecta by blasting the "gay left" over outrage that planned questions regarding sexual orientation and gender identity for the 2020 census that could determine government funding, was scrapped by the Trump administration.

"Nevermind (sic) - the fact that outing is always wrong," Angelo wrote, suggesting the question on the census form was a demand from the government.

In June, after remaining silent for 23 days over President Trump's neglect to proclaim National Pride Month, Log Cabin Republicans of Orange County rejoiced that the commander in chief included "the gays" in a tangental comment on human rights abuse in Iran.

Following the violence at August's white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Angelo's LCR praised the statement from the president that blamed "both sides."

Taking to Twitter, LCR wrote: "Log Cabin Republicans stands with & echoes @POTUS Trump & his forceful statement today: All Americans must unite in condemnation of hate."

And in October, while every major LGBTQ Rights group spoke out when the Trump Administration's Department of Justice rolled back Title VII workplace protections for transgender workers and lifted burdens from religious objectors, Angelo stayed mum, breaking his silence two weeks later to praise the President for protecting the rights of gay men in Iran.

Congratulations on your letter, LCR. In forty years, the RNC may actually allow you to walk in through the front door.


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