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Watch: 'Queer Eye' Star Karamo Brown Says He Met with Mike Pence's Wife to Talk LGBTQ Issues

Tuesday Jun 19, 2018
"Queer Eye" stars Fab Five speak with Vulture.
"Queer Eye" stars Fab Five speak with Vulture.  (Source:YouTube Still)

The Fab Five from Netflix's rebooted "Queer Eye" recently sat down with Vulture to discuss a number of topics. But it's when the group's culture expert Karamo Brown revealed that he met with vice president Mike Pence's wife to talk about LGBTQ issues that things got really interesting.

In the clip, Brown reveals he recently went to the White House to talk with Karen Pence and her staff regarding LGBTQ rights.

"I met with Karen Pence and her chief of staff. It was phenomenal to be able to go in there and discuss arts but also speak about LGBT issues," Brown said.

Jonathan Van Ness, the Fab Five's grooming guy, interjected.

"She's our biggest fan. She watches it every night. Her and dad like to watch it every night in their modesty outfits," he said. "But they watch it completely separated because it's improper to look at each other face to face when you watch gay men."

Brown attempts to continue but Van Ness goes on.

"There's something about the Pences, honey. There's something about them. I just freak out. I do. She doesn't like you, girl. She doesn't like us," he said of Karen Pence.

Of course, Mike Pence has a terrible history when it comes to LGBTQ rights. Most recently, in 2015 when he was the governor of Indiana, he signed a religious liberty bill into law that opponents of the measure say will allow business owners to discriminate against gay people by citing their religious beliefs.

In another clip, the Fab Five talk about working with Republicans - many differ on the experience.

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