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Social Media Responds to Harper's Magazine Article Trashing Marriage Equality

By Kilian Melloy | Jan 4
Have gays and lesbians, in their rush up the matrimonial aisle, trashed "queer culture?" An essay in this month's Harper's Magazine suggests the answer is yes.

BARchive :: How the Holidays Kept Hope Alive in the Midst of AIDS

By Michael Flanagan | Dec 17
The roots of our holiday traditions in the gay community run deep. It should come as no surprise that when the darkest days of the AIDS crisis hit, we responded in the spirit of the season.

Muscle Manifest :: Bob Mizer's Legacy Revived in New Physique Pictoral

By John F. Karr | Nov 5
Boy, did I sell Dennis Bell short. Bell, the owner of the entire Athletic Model Guild catalogue, is the visionary founder of the Bob Mizer Foundation. His latest means of marketing invaluable archival material is to revive AMG's "Physique Pictorial."

Sharing Stories of the LGBT Journey

By William E. Kelly | Oct 29
The sacred ground of the freedoms we enjoy today were built on the pain and suffering of those who came before us.

Out of the Closet and Off of the Scale

By Torie Dominguez | Oct 7
Chubbies, as those of mouthwateringly ample assets are known, are receiving more reverence than ever before from an increasingly open community of adoring "chasers."

Are You At Home?

By Cutter Slagle | Sep 30
From same-sex lovers, to single 20-somethings living on their own or with roommates of different nationalities, to widows or widowers forced to live on their own, anyone can make a home.

BARchive :: When 'Drummer' Came to Town

By Michael Flanagan | Sep 24
During its classic period from 1977 to 1979, the magazine "Drummer" introduced the growing leather culture to both San Francisco and the world.

Put These 4 LGBT Summer Events on Your Bucket List (Before It's Too Late!)

By Mikey Rox | Sep 2
Have you ticked off all the boxes on your super-gay summer checklist? Take a look at these last-minute activities to keep the final few weeks of lazy days fun and fancy free.

Redefining Coming Out :: A Personal Journey

By Korie Houston | Aug 20
For some people, the process of coming out is a chance to step into that rainbow light and live in our truth. To others, it's just another grey area that divides us from the heterosexual community.

BARchive :: Club Dori - A Bar in A World of Its Own

By Michael Flanagan | Aug 20
When we think of the history of our community, we usually think of neighborhoods. But there are places that exist outside of neighborhoods, and Club Dori was one of them.

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