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BARchive :: Café Back in the Day

By Michael Flanagan | Mar 18
The late 1980s saw something of an explosion of women's venues, which was followed shortly thereafter with an implosion. Café San Marcos found itself in an unusual situation: Was it a mixed bar or a women's bar?

BARchive :: Fair Trade

By Michael Flanagan | Feb 18
Late in 2016, the press buzzed with word of tunnels beneath the 900 block of Market Street that provided escape routes from bars. There was more underground about these bars than tunnels, however. They were a hotbed of trade.

Podcast Tells Mattachine Story

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jan 15
A podcast devoted to the founding and evolution of the Mattachine Society, one of the earliest homophile organizations in the United States, recently debuted.

'Beats Per Minute' :: France's AIDS Biopic

By Chris Carpenter | Nov 11
A number of powerful films depicting the early years of the HIV/AIDS crisis are rightly considered classics. We can now add to this list Robin Campillo's excellent addition, "BPM (Beats Per Minute)."

Muscle Manifest :: Bob Mizer's Legacy Revived in New Physique Pictoral

By John F. Karr | Nov 5
Boy, did I sell Dennis Bell short. Bell, the owner of the entire Athletic Model Guild catalogue, is the visionary founder of the Bob Mizer Foundation. His latest means of marketing invaluable archival material is to revive AMG's "Physique Pictorial."

LGBT History Cruise to Stop in Anti-Gay Jamaica

By Cynthia Laird | Nov 5
A history cruise that San Francisco's GLBT Historical Society is participating in will make a stop in Jamaica, one of the most anti-gay countries in the world.

Sharing Stories of the LGBT Journey

By William E. Kelly | Oct 29
The sacred ground of the freedoms we enjoy today were built on the pain and suffering of those who came before us.

1954 Miami Murder Leads to 'Homosexual Panic'

By Graham Brunk | Oct 22
The 'Homosexual Panic' that started in the 1950s can be traced back to one event - the murder of Eastern Airlines Flight Attendant William T. Simpson in August of 1954.

LGBT History Month: LGBT History Curriculum Choices Expand

By Matthew S. Bajko | Oct 22
Over the last decade, as more and more educators have sought to teach LGBT history lessons, their curriculum choices have expanded.

The Stonewall Rebellion: Debunking the Judy Garland Myth

By Perry Brass | Oct 15
Many things have been said and written about "Stonewall," the historic confrontation in June 1969 after a police raid at the Stonewall Inn. Some of those things are just not true. For instance...

1 thru 10 of 137 Stories