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Watch: Adam Rippon Does the Cha Cha (& Vogues!) to RuPaul's 'Sissy That Walk' on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Tuesday May 1, 2018
Adam Rippon and Jenna Johnson on "Dancing with the Stars."
Adam Rippon and Jenna Johnson on "Dancing with the Stars."  (Source:YouTube Still)

Adam Rippon is bringing his outspoken and vibrant personalty from the Winter Olympics to "Dancing with the Stars."

For the competition show's first night, the figure skater and his dance partner Jenna Johnson performed the cha cha to none other than RuPaul's "Sissy That Walk."

Before that, during Rippon's intro package, the althea introduces himself and why he's competing on "Dancing with the Stars: Athletes" edition.

"I am the first openly gay American Winter Olympian," he says, later explaining he took home a bronze medal during the Games. "This experience, dancing in front of America, now that this opportunity has come about it's time to seize the moment."

During his performance, Rippon stood in from of a pair of silver wings as he vogued down a set of steps. Then Johnson enters the stage and the two cha cha to Ru's club banger.

The judges gave Rippon 24 points out of 30 - the highest score of the evening. And they weren't the only ones impressed with the athlete. A number of the YouTube commenters lauded Rippon:

"Ok first of all wig that song choice!!! Second, Jenna is KILLING IT with the choreo!! I love it! Also I am so glad to see more fellow LGBTs on 'DWTS'... they're lacking so much there?," one user wrote.

"I love these two! Jenna has become such a great choreographer these past years," another added.

"I WAS NOT READY. His lock steps, his hand styling, his turns (ballroom shoes & hardwood floor are no joke if you're trying to transition from the ice where you don't even shift your feet), his synchronization, the precision, the push/pull," another commenter wrote. "ALL THAT CHA CHA CONTENT. And the death drop? They're such a great pairing, both funny & driven, and I'm stoked to see them in action next week, you guys better vote!!?"

Fellow Winter Olympian Gus Kenworthy also chimed in on social media.

Watch the clip below.

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