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Melt My Heart: 5 Must-Gift Chocolates for Valentine's Day

By April Stamm | Feb 13
A perfect box of chocolate for Valentine's Day will always be appropriate, adored and desired. Looking to snatch up your love's elixir? Here are five of our fave chocolatiers and how to get them.

Most Americans Give Their Partner a Failing Grade for Valentine's Day

Feb 7
A new survey finds nearly 60 percent of people give their partner an F grade when it comes to bringing the romance on February 14.

Some Fries, Valentine? Fast Food Chains Aim for Sweethearts

By Joseph Pisani | Feb 14
Is that love in the air or french fries? White Castle, KFC and other fast-food restaurants are trying to lure sweethearts for Valentine's Day.

High- and Low-Tech Valentine's Day Gifts That Say 'I Miss You'

By Kim Cook | Jan 13
Before the tech revolution, you might have sent a lock of hair, a printed photo or a perfumed note to a loved one far away. Or you can choose from an array of clever high- and low-tech Valentine's Day gifts that send the "I miss you" message.

Mark the Season of Romance with Special Chocolates

By Leanne Italie | Jan 12
With an ancient love connection - the Aztecs believed chocolate was an aphrodisiac - and built-in marketing opportunities that include Valentine's Day, the purveyors of chocolate offer their wares in a variety of price ranges.

Is Your Valentine Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?

By Dr. Greg Cason | Feb 12
He's hot, he's hung and he's hooked on you. Finally, it seems the stars have aligned and you've landed a great guy just in time for Valentine's Day. But you're wondering, is this just a convenient infatuation or is he really "the one?"

7 Great Ideas for Valentine's Day

By Ian Maloney | Feb 12
So you got a date for Valentine's Day this year, now you need to figure out where to take him. Hotspots shares our ideas for great dates for new couples and for those who have been together forever.

Love & Lust 2017: Matchmaker Lends Tips on Finding that Special Someone

By Lainey Millen | Feb 11
Tammy Shaklee wants everyone to find their match in time for Valentine's Day, but if that's too fast, then she has some tips for connecting singles with someone with whom to share dating, romance and possibly a long-term relationship or marriage.

Four Sexy Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day (And They Are All Good for Your Health)

Feb 10
Sometimes this amorous holiday can create overwhelming pressure for couples to achieve the best sex ever-especially aging couples. But there's no need to fret!

6 Red Wines to Wow Your Valentine

By Kristen Siebecker | Feb 9
Valentine's Day is sneaking up, but never fear - red wine is here! Whether you're looking to romance your sweetie or go out with friends on an anti-V-day excursion, EDGE has you covered.

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