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An Inconceivable Truth :: Facing Facts About Racism in the LGBT Community

An Inconceivable Truth :: Facing Facts About Racism in the LGBT Community

By Jill Gleeson | May 29
When the discriminated against discriminate in turn, it's time for a good long look in the mirror.

Realizing My Bear Status

Realizing My Bear Status

By Robert Domenico | May 7
What is a Bear ,and when did I take on the furry moniker? I was always a giant human being with an affinity for food and a hatred of physical activity, but I never thought of myself as fat, fluffy, heavy, big-boned or "large and in charge."

BARchive :: Purple Reign

BARchive :: Purple Reign

By Michael lanagan | May 7
In a few short years North Beach was ground zero for a host of talented musicians, comics and poets not associated with the Beats. The Purple Onion was central to that world.

California Businesses Must Designate All Restrooms As Gender-Neutral

California Businesses Must Designate All Restrooms As Gender-Neutral

By Adriana Cara, Esq. | Mar 19
AB 1732 takes effect on March 1, 2017 and requires California businesses as well as any establishment open to the public, to designate existing single-user restroom facilities as "All-gender."

Are We to Return to Our Closets?

By William E. Kelly | Feb 4
Those who follow my words know that I am a pacifist by nature who respects and accepts diversity as a reality of life. But the fallout of and since the 2016 elections has awakened the instinctual survivor in me.

Fit to Fit In

By Cutter Slagle | Jan 7
Are we killing ourselves at the gym because it feels good and we crave a healthy lifestyle? Or do we have an ulterior motive for looking good?

Welcome to Trumpland

By Jill Gleeson | Dec 28
Do we make nice with Trump supporters, acknowledging that they can't all be racist, misogynist xenophobes who fear and loathe the "other" - who would erase our rights, jail, deport or even murder us?

Growlr Santa Bear of the Week

By Robin Gray | Dec 25
My name is Geoffrey and I am 37 years old. I was voted Mr. Bear France last May in Paris. I live in Saint Malo, in the west of France. Happy Christmas to all my fellow bears, cubs and their admirers!

BARchive :: Keep On Rocking in the Queer World

By Michael Flanagan | Dec 25
Rock and roll was tied up in my concept of what San Francisco was even before I moved here, but when I first visited in 1978, punk and New Wave were the dominant forces.

The New Mr CT Bear 2017

By David Goodman | Nov 13
In August a new Mr. Connecticut Bear was chosen and he's the very woofy Mark Richards! He has had a busy few months, getting used to the title and getting his first amazing photo shoot done. We had the chance to meet him and get to know him.

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