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Melt My Heart: 5 Must-Gift Chocolates for Valentine's Day

by April Stamm
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Feb 13, 2019

Maybe it's the sheer decadence, or perhaps it's the temporal nature of a gift that will very possibly be gone by February 15. Whatever the reason, a perfect box of chocolate for Valentine's Day — perhaps as obvious as a dozen red roses — will always be appropriate, adored and desired. Looking to snatch up your love's elixir? Here are five of my fave chocolatiers and just how to get them.

Li-Lac Chocolates
New York City

If you're searching for the perfect, classic humongous heart-shaped box filled with chocolate treasures, look no further that Li-Lac Chocolates. From 10- to 210-piece (seriously) boxes and plenty of options in between, Li-Lac chocolates have been an industry mainstay for 95 years. Manhattan's oldest chocolate house (though now manufacturing out of Industry City in Brooklyn) will not disappoint your love this Valentine's Day, whether you opt for the classic gleaming heart-shaped box or pick a more whimsical Valentine's pail filled with treats.

Favorite pick: Kraft Heart, foil-wrapped milk and dark chocolates are packaged in a Kraft paper heart. $15

L.A. Burdick
Various locations

Founder Larry Burdick found inspiration during a trip through Europe, particularly in Switzerland, where he discovered the country's long history in chocolate-making. Now with five chocolate shops and cafes, visitors can experience firsthand Burdick's confectionary creations, including his signature hand-piped chocolate mice.

Favorite pick: Valentine Crate, this packed crate includes signature chocolates, caramels, chocolate mice and penguins, and pavés glacés. $98

Various locations: New York City, Japan, Dubai

If you happen to be in New York City or one of its other global locations, MarieBelle has your gift and date spot all wrapped up in one, and if not, online ordering is available. Their lovely ganaches adorned with delicate edible paintings come packed and wrapped in Valentine red, pink and lace, and are perfect for gifting.

The New York City cafe offers savory nibbles like soups, tea sandwiches and quiche but the real draw is chocolate galore. Dive two spoons into a molten chocolate cake, devour some bonbons and sip on an impressive selection of hot chocolates ranging from the deepest dark Aztec to creamy milk chocolate.

Favorite pick: Valentine's Chocolate Ganache Box 25-Piece Box, $72


The Sears Tower, the Chicago Dog, Navy Pier and Frango Mint Chocolates are all shining icons of Chicago, but perhaps not all gifting ready for your love on Valentine's Day. Frango Mint Chocolates fit the bill though. Dating back more than 100 years with roots in Seattle, the famous chocolatier found fame at Marshall Field's in Chicago when the brand was purchased at the beginning of the Great Depression. Frango has mastered the chocolate-mint combination and now manufactures six varieties including solid chocolate and a Himalayan salted caramel.

Favorite pick: Frango Mint Tower, features original milk mint, dark mint and mint trio boxed chocolates. $60

Los Angeles

Looking for something a little outside of the heart-shaped box and dare I say healthful? Using time-honored Mayan methods, ChocoVivo blends ancient techniques with modern flavor pairings in their cutting edge chocolates. All of ChocoVivo's chocolate is stone ground and all dark. They do not use any milk powder or soy lecithin, just whole cacao and whole spices. With thoughtful flavor combinations like almond, cherry and black peppercorn; and coffee and vanilla, they're an ideal indulgence for your holistic love.

Favorite pick: Cuddle Kit, includes rose body oil, hot organic cocoa powder, spicy Mayan traditional bar, blackberry and hibiscus candle, and a pouch of hazelnut chocolate nut butter. $58

April Stamm is a lifestyle and food writer and chef based in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY.


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