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Jock Support

By Benjamin Solomon | Monday Apr 26, 2010
The way gay sports leagues have changed the social landscape in New York is nothing short of a phenomenon. Sure, you can blame the Internet for killing the mega dance party, but with so many men choosing football cleats over dancing shoes at 10pm, it is clear where many contemporary gay men want to bond.

NEW GAY STAGE: The Business

By Andrew C Stone | Saturday Apr 24, 2010
It’s 2010, and gay themes in theater are not exactly shocking to New York’s ticket-holding community. (Thank goodness for that.) In fact, never before have so many auspicious productions relating to gay life occupied our theaters.

New GAY STAGE: The Curators

By John Russell | Friday Apr 23, 2010
It’s hardly a secret that New York is home to some of the most vibrant and eclectic queer performers and playwrights in the world. From emerging talent to the avant-garde, gay material is thriving in New York, and much of that is due to the city’s dedicated performance spaces and theater festivals that cultivate gay art. In the first of a three-part series, here’s at look the curators and programmers who bring GLBTQ theater to New York stages.

12 Nights In Hollywood - Ella Fitzgerald

By David Hurst | Tuesday Apr 20, 2010
Long renowned for her swinging style, her scatting prowess and her legendary songbook series of albums with producer Norman Granz at Verve Records, Ella Fitzgerald was a singer’s singer, especially within the idiom of jazz, where she had virtually no peer.

The Collective

By Peter Sherwood | Monday Apr 19, 2010
The Collective is a whimsical flight of fancy where license plates become birds taking off over one of the bars; old LPs are transformed into butterflies; scales, stoplights and dodgeballs morph into occasional chairs and stools; coat hangers act as light fixtures and every other piece of furniture is peculiarly reworked courtesy of ICRAVE design.

Getting Personal With H. Alan Scott

By Dan Avery | Sunday Apr 18, 2010
They say comics are tortured souls, but we’ve always found H. Alan Scott to be exceedingly pleasant. Maybe it’s because of his being raised Mormon? "It was either stand-up or a life of khakis and multiple wives," confesses Scott, who hosts Metropolitan’s biweekly SRSLY LOL standup show and the Tweet Spot at Comix.


By Peter Sherwood | Sunday Apr 18, 2010
After a leisurely stroll through the greenmarket in Union Square on a recent beautifully springy day, we happened to stop by Republic for a spot of lunch.

Listen Up :: Ke$Ha, Laura Bell Bundy, Agnes

By Keo Nozari | Saturday Apr 17, 2010
This week we’re saddling up with lots of variety. While we normally don’t cover country (or Broadway) in this column, we couldn’t help getting roped into Laura Bell Bundy’s irresistible Achin’ and Shakin’ (her major label debut on Mercury Nashville).

In Need Of A Miracle - St. Vincent’s Hospital

By Dustin Fitzharris | Friday Apr 16, 2010
For over 160 years, St. Vincent’s Hospital has never strayed from its core mission to provide care with respect, compassion and dignity for the poor and displaced members of society.

The King Of Old Broadway

By Benjamin Solomon | Friday Apr 16, 2010
Plenty of beauty queens talk about doing good, but the sizzling queens competing in the Broadway Beauty Pageant are actually doing it. The annual competition, which pits five hunks from Broadway against each other in competitions of talent, brains and beauty for the chance at the coveted title, doubles as a benefit for the Ali Forney Center, an LGBT youth shelter and services organization.

11 thru 20 of 186