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Claude Monet's enchanted glade

By Sura Wood | Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
The received wisdom, at least for some, is that Impressionist master Claude Monet is too easy, but, as with all great artists, he only makes it look that way.

Spotlit moves

By Paul Parish | Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
San Francisco Ballet's second and third programs opened during the rains of last week and made many people glad they'd braved the downpours.

Great acoustics

By Philip Campbell | Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
The Diane B. Wilsey Center for Opera, the thoroughly renovated fourth floor and basement of the Beaux Arts-designed Veterans Building, opened to enthusiastic praise three years ago. It is home to the 299-seat Diane and Ted Taube Atrium Theater.

Cultural connections

By Roberto Friedman | Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
Out There goes out & about to arts & cultural events five nights out of seven most weeks. It's a good way to stay involved, be a part of the city, see different neighborhoods and get out of our own personal bubble.

Encores! Best Pictures worth revisiting

By Tavo Amador | Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
Some Best Picture Oscar winners were instantly inexplicable choices — "The Greatest Show on Earth" (1952), "Crash "(2005) — while others are a reflection of their time. Many transcend their eras. Several are worth watching again.

Caliphates & catfish

By Jim Gladstone | Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
Two forces are at war in "A White Girl's Guide to International Terrorism," a slow, soulful social drama and a hastily paced thriller.

BAM blossoms

By Jim Gladstone | Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
"Violet" is in bloom, and it's a sight to behold. Also, a joy to listen to.

Inside discredited 'conversion therapy'

By Brian Bromberger | Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
In filmmaker Richard Yeagley's fly-on-the-wall documentary "The Sunday Sessions" (on DVD from FirstRun Features), behind-the-scenes footage reveals how a manipulative process works.

Voices from the black gay community

By David Lamble | Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
The late Marlon Riggs (1957-94) captured a cultural movement in his 1989 music- and poetry-driven documentary "Tongues Untied: Black Men Loving Black Men."

Amara La Negra to headline SF Pride

Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
Musician and television personality Amara La Negra has been announced as the first entertainer who will headline this year's San Francisco LGBT Pride celebration.

1 thru 10 of 33636