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The Crazies

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
The Crazies

Some people tend to forget that the successful "The Crazies" from 2010 was actually a remake of a film from decades before. Horror auteur George A. Romero returned to the zombie genre (that he basically invented with "Night of the Living Dead") but on a less than favorable level. His "Crazies" version from 1973 can now be witnessed in a brand new 4K scan from the fine folks at Arrow Video. It hasn't looked sharper or more colorful.

Besides the opening sequence, where a family goes berserk and their house burns to the ground, the 1973 original version of "The Crazies" has only a little in common with its slicker remake. The premise is definitely the same: A small town in Pennsylvania comes under siege from a deadly virus after a helicopter crashes in the area. The army closes off all entrances and exits to the town, making its residents turn on each other. All the while, the virus turns the community into cuckoo people instead of the humans they once were.

A small band of citizens tries to escape the town, including a father and daughter who get involved in one of the most disturbing rape sequences ever to grace the silver screen. Romero's "The Crazies" has elements from his previous "Night of the Living Dead" horror film, and in turn, it influences that movie's sequel, "Dawn of the Dead."

The 4K restoration alone warrants a purchase of this Blu-ray. But there are also some nifty special features as well:

  • "Romero Was Here: Locating the Crazies" - Lawrence DeVincentz goes back to the Evans City, PA filming locations seen in "The Crazies"
  • "Crazy for Lynn Lowry" - actress Lynn Lowry sits down for an interview where she discusses her career as a cult film star
  • "Q&A with Lynn Lowry" - the actress fields questions at a 2016 film festival
  • "Behind-the-Scenes" - rare vintage footage from 1973 can be viewed with optional audio commentary

    "The Crazies"

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