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Candy Santa Reveals Private Parts

Friday Nov 29, 2019
Candy Santa Reveals Private Parts
  (Source:Getty Images)

Who knew Santa was hung?

That may be the take-away from an odd story from Britain reported today in the UK edition of Metro.

When Jason Greaves unwrapped a candy Santa he picked up for one pound at a local Tesco, he was surprised what he found.

"The 28-year-old unwrapped the hollow chocolate treat and then noticed an unusual penis-shaped splodge on the bottom half of the Santa.

"He called partner Candice, 19, and the pair collapsed into laughter before taking pictures. The clothing company director left the chocolate uneaten while he contacted Tesco to alert them to the unlikely addition to the treat," Metro reports.

Tesco made a cheeky response: "A spokesman for Tesco said: 'Oops...It looks as if Father Christmas has revealed a little too much on this occasion.'"

Click here to see the pic.


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