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After Trash-Tweeting Trans Teen, Duggar Bro-In-Law Gets Booted From Spin-Off

Sunday Nov 12, 2017

The Duggar TV dynasty is officially minus one member. According to the "19 Kids and Counting"'s family blog, due to his history of cyberbullying fellow TLC star transgender teen Jazz Jennings, son-in-law Derrick Dillard will no longer appear on episodes of "19 Kids and Counting" spin-off "Counting On."

"TLC has released a statement regarding Derick's future on the show," read Saturday's entry on DuggarFamilyBlog. "For those who are not aware of what "personal statements" TLC is referring to, Derick has publicly shared his views against transgenderism, while mentioning the TLC program "I am Jazz," which follows the life of transgender teen Jazz Jennings."

Here is TLC's statement:

We want to let our viewers know that Derick Dillard has not participated in Counting On for months and the network has no plans to feature him in the future. We want to reiterate that Derick's personal statements do not reflect the views of the network. TLC is proud to share the story of Jazz Jennings and her family and will continue to do so.

Dillard's history of cyberbullying began in August when trash-tweeted fellow TLC star, transgender feen Jazz Jennings from "I Am Jazz."

Retweeting a promotional post by his employer, TLC, advertising the reality series "I Am Jazz," to his 122 thousand followers, Dillard wrote:

Dillard then doubled down with a follow-up tweet that misgendered Jennings.

However, after months of online silence, last week, Dillard was back on Twitter to bash Jennings.

With TLC calling the shots on who appears on air on the scandal-plagued family's spin-off show, Dillard now joins his brother-in-law confessed adulterer Josh Duggar as persona non grata in the reality television time out corner.


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