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Top Gay Halloween Costumes of 2012

by Jaclyn St. James
Tuesday Oct 23, 2012

It's almost that time again, that night of spooks and goblins, pumpkins and witches, yes it's Halloween. Halloween is a festive time for all, especially gay and bi men. It's an opportunity for us to let loose and fulfill the fantasies we've had all year long.

A growing number of people positively believe that one should act out their fantasies any time of year, but for those not quite comfortable, Halloween gives you the permission to be anything you want to be, free of criticism or ridicule. So dust off that super hero costume you've been hiding or that kinky mask you bought on sale at the sex shop, and enjoy the festivities!

This year the costumes might be a little less scary due to all the super hero movies, with the Green Lantern, The Avengers, and Batman The Dark Knight, I think we will have a lot of people in spandex or even less. This is especially true in the gay community, because in the gay world less is defiantly more.

If you wanted to jump into the drag scene with a super hero twist, there is only one I recommend. Whether you're 13 or 30 and you're just coming out, think back to the one super hero you've always wanted to be: Wonder Woman.

Within a microsecond you can remember fantasizing about what it would be like to be this sexy diva and that hot costume and the places you would fly in your new invisible jet. The time has come to live this dream. Just make sure your lasso really has the power of truth before you ask that special someone where he was last night.

For the manly man, watch your back, for these hot firefighters, there will be more than a few flames to put out by those heated hot men.

Oh no, hand cuffs, a tight uniform are we getting ready for another Madonna video or is that a sexy hot police officer and his traffic ticket book - what more could you ask for? Protect your neighborhood this Halloween. You never know, you might be able to arrest a person or two or three.

This is also a great time to play out that fantasy of your medical professional. Be sure to wear as many medical accessories as possible, you never know who may need a little love healing.

You never outgrow the dream of being a cowboy free and wild on a cattle ranch. Some boys dream of getting the pony for the holidays, while others dream of getting that cowboy! Saddle up partner for a dusty good time.

And there is no need to even talk about military fashions for this HHHalloween, the hot uniforms of the military just talk for themselves.

Oh the joy when you have to send or receive a package and this hunk of man shows up at your door, no need to be specific, these men are all hot. Only these boys can make a brown outfit look fantastic any time of year. Be your local U.P.S. delivery boy and get the shipping addresses of all the cuties at the party.

Well here comes the bride or groom, or is it two grooms? Wait is that two brides? Anything wedding seems to have a really big pull in the gay community, especially now. Men who are brides and women who are grooms will be a big hit, as you know that will be my choice this year. Oh yes, my wedding party is sure to be a big hit this year on the Drive.

And last but not least, the human eating zombie, which may sound especially familiar if you live in South Florida. So I take it we will defiantly see a lot of flesh eating zombies hunting you out this Halloween. But beware of those haunting eyes and strong monster like clutches, for once you are in his grip, he may never let you go.

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