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A Selection of Florida's Most Beautiful Beaches, Revisited

By Mike Halterman | May 8
I'm back to tell you why we love Florida's beaches, and more importantly, why local tourism bureaus think you'll love them too.

A Look at Fatal Attacks in Anti-Abortion Violence in the U.S.

At least 11 people have been killed in violence against abortion providers in the U.S. since 1993, according to the National Abortion Federation.

In Wilton Manors, Florida, Gay Hookup Ads Grace Trash Bins, Prompt Debate

By Michael d'Oliveira | Apr 9
One resident's complaint about a gay hookup app advertised on eco bins associated with the city of Winton Manors, Florida, has raised a debate on how to balance First Amendment rights with concerns over community standards.

Angry Bears Expose 'Beach Bear Weekend' Fraud

PARTIES | By Norm Kent | Mar 26
No one is more frustrated with the turn of events for Beach Bear Weekend, than Bob Young, who ran it for the past few years until he sold it to Jungwirth for $100. Young has even sent out Facebook posts apologizing for selling the event.

Rubio and the Florida Primary: A Political Reckoning Arrives

POLITICS | By Steve Peoples | Mar 14
Those closest to Rubio, suggest that should his bid end in disappointment, the senator's career in public service is far from over.

Divide Growing Between Florida Governor, Other Republicans

POLITICS | By Gary Fineout | Mar 6
Since charging into office some five years ago, Florida Gov. Rick Scott has routinely had an awkward relationship with the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature and other GOP officials.

Discover Gay Florida: Tampa Bay Part 2

By Mike Halterman | Nov 22
In this installment, let me tell you where you should party and what places should be on your sightseeing itinerary.

The Reinvention of Delray Beach

By Bobby McGuire | Oct 26
Anyone seeking a Florida vacation this winter that has more sand than scene, needn't look further than Delray Beach - the Sunshine State's new best-kept secret.

Florida Toughens Prostitution Laws

CRIME | By SFGN Staff | Oct 10
Florida has 27 new laws ranging from tougher penalties for people who solicit prostitutes to making revenge porn a crime.

Discover Gay Florida - Fort Myers and Naples

By Mike Halterman | Sep 20
Fort Myers and Naples are cities along the Southwest Florida coast, and the area is a mix of old and new. Let me tell you where to stay, play and go in this area.

1 thru 10 of 295 Stories