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Levi’s Launches Gay Pride Line

By Winnie McCroy | Jun 16
Levi Jeans launched a new line of T-shirts, tank tops and hats just in time for LGBT Pride Month.

Mo. Rep. Upset By Pro-Tolerance Shirt at Book Fair

Oct 18
A Missouri state representative said he was unhappy that two high school students were wearing gay-supportive T-shirts while working at an elementary school book fair.

Give A Damn Launches Celebrity T-Shirt Project

Jun 15
The limited edition shirts, which promote messages of equality and acceptance, will go on sale beginning June 15th to celebrate LGBT Pride Month. 100% of the sale proceeds will support the work of the Give a Damn Campaign.

Socially Conscious T-Shirts Raise Funds for LGBT Rights

Jun 7
Socially Conscious Shirts announced its partnership with Equality Pennsylvania to raise funds for Equality Pennsylvania’s Educational Fund by selling LGBT-affirming T-Shirts.

Court: Gay Ohio Student May Wear T-shirt to School

May 22
A gay student who sued his Ohio high school for prohibiting him from wearing a T-shirt designed to urge tolerance of gays will be allowed to wear the shirt to school whenever he chooses.

"Scan to Vote" T-Shirts Rock the Vote

Apr 25
Debuting for the 2012 elections, these eco-friendly tees have QR codes embedded, that when scanned with a smart phone, allows the wearer to register to vote. After launching at SXSW, the "Scan To Vote" QR Code-tees will hit the road with Rock The Vote.

Donate Your Old Tees to Charity - and Try RibbedTee for Half Price

Nov 17
This holiday season, RibbedTee invites you to try out their stylish line of designer undershirts and reward you for your used undershirts.

T-Post, World’s First Wearable Magazine, Releases Latest T-Shirt Issue

Oct 31
In their latest T-shirt issue T-post, the world’s first wearable magazine is handling the current internet situation with Google & Facebook, "The Untouchables of the Internet", turning the World Wide Web into the streets of Chicago in the 40’s.

T-Shirt Wars Continue as Birmingham School Lifts Ban

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 3
T-shirts emblazoned with pro- and anti-gay slogans have become a new front in the war over GLBT visibility and acceptance in American culture. In the latest development, an Alabama school has reversed itself and allowed a student to wear a pro-gay shirt.

1 thru 9 of 9 Stories