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California Businesses Must Designate All Restrooms As Gender-Neutral

California Businesses Must Designate All Restrooms As Gender-Neutral

By Adriana Cara, Esq. | Mar 19
AB 1732 takes effect on March 1, 2017 and requires California businesses as well as any establishment open to the public, to designate existing single-user restroom facilities as "All-gender."

Are We to Return to Our Closets?

Are We to Return to Our Closets?

By William E. Kelly | Feb 4
Those who follow my words know that I am a pacifist by nature who respects and accepts diversity as a reality of life. But the fallout of and since the 2016 elections has awakened the instinctual survivor in me.

Fit to Fit In

Fit to Fit In

By Cutter Slagle | Jan 7
Are we killing ourselves at the gym because it feels good and we crave a healthy lifestyle? Or do we have an ulterior motive for looking good?

Welcome to Trumpland

By Jill Gleeson | Dec 28
Do we make nice with Trump supporters, acknowledging that they can't all be racist, misogynist xenophobes who fear and loathe the "other" - who would erase our rights, jail, deport or even murder us?

Growlr Santa Bear of the Week

By Robin Gray | Dec 25
My name is Geoffrey and I am 37 years old. I was voted Mr. Bear France last May in Paris. I live in Saint Malo, in the west of France. Happy Christmas to all my fellow bears, cubs and their admirers!

BARchive :: Keep On Rocking in the Queer World

By Michael Flanagan | Dec 25
Rock and roll was tied up in my concept of what San Francisco was even before I moved here, but when I first visited in 1978, punk and New Wave were the dominant forces.

The New Mr CT Bear 2017

By David Goodman | Nov 13
In August a new Mr. Connecticut Bear was chosen and he's the very woofy Mark Richards! He has had a busy few months, getting used to the title and getting his first amazing photo shoot done. We had the chance to meet him and get to know him.

Intersectionality and Assemblage: A Real-Life Definition

By Maria Dominguez | Nov 5
Those who follow conversations about social justice and societal prejudice have probably come across the term "intersectionality" at some point.

From 'Beach' to Memorial: Castro Site Evolves Over Decades

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Oct 23
The corner of 18th and Castro streets - arguably the center of the gay universe - was known in the 1970s and 1980s as a sunny social spot for gay men who had escaped to San Francisco from other parts of the country.

SF's Up Your Alley Street Fair Returns to SoMa

By Race Bannon | Jul 29
As it was last year, the Fair will take place on Dore Alley between Howard and Folsom and continuing on Folsom from 9th to Juniper and the adjoining block of 10th Street.

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