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Samsung Still Stumped by Charred Note 7s; Heir Joins Board

PERSONAL TECH | By Youkyung Lee | Oct 30
Samsung Electronics is still trying to figure out why its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were catching fire, the company said Thursday, as shareholders appointed the grandson of the company's founder to its board.

Google's Pixel Phone: Not Much New, but Still a Standout

PERSONAL TECH | By Anick Jesdanun | Oct 20
Google's ambitious new smartphone, the Pixel, doesn't offer a lot that's new. Yet it's still one of the best out there.

Worried About Your Samsung Note 7? Here Are Your Options

By Bree Fowler | Oct 12
Worries about the safety of Samsung's replacement Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have consumers fretting about what to do.

Behind the Growing Risk of Lithium-Ion Battery Fires on Flights

Dangeous lithium ion battery explosions have caused the FAA to ban certain devices.

Samsung's Quick Fix for Galaxy Note 7 is No Full Recharge

PERSONAL TECH | By Youkyung Lee | Sep 14
Samsung plans to issue a software update for its recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that will prevent them from overheating by limiting battery recharges to 60 percent.

LG Unveils the First Phone to Ship with Google's New Android

PERSONAL TECH | By Anick Jasdanun | Sep 8
LG is unveiling the first phone to ship with Google's new Android Nougat software, in hopes of appealing to people who like to take and share photos and video.

Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note 7 After Battery Explosions

PERSONAL TECH | By Youkyung Lee | Sep 3
Samsung Electronics recalled all of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on Friday after finding batteries of some of the flagship gadgets exploded or caught fire.

Android Makers Really Want to Make Their Phones Eye-Catching

PERSONAL TECH | By Anick Jesdanun | Aug 20
It's getting rarer for phone launches to generate excitement these days - especially in the Android world, where all models use the same underlying Google software.

Survey: Too Many New Smartphone Models Released Each Year

PERSONAL TECH | By Youkyung Lee | Aug 18
Consumers think smartphone makers are releasing too many new models each year, a survey showed Tuesday.

Patent Dispute Could Block Apple's iPhone 6 Sales in Beijing

Jun 19
Apple is embroiled in a Chinese patent dispute that threatens to block future sales of the iPhone 6 in Beijing unless the company can overturn a regulator's recent ruling.

1 thru 10 of 63 Stories