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Target’s Pride Sponsorship: When Does Money Become Tainted?

By Megan Barnes | Jun 20
Target’s sponsorship of 3 Pride groups and its support of an anti-gay politician brings up the queasy balance of the need for money to put on these now-giant celebrations and whether accepting such gifts marks tacit approval of such corporate policies.

Target--Among Others--Risks Big Bucks in Alienating Gay Shoppers

By Kilian Melloy | Aug 24
Gay equality advocates, outraged that a $150,000 donation from Target that ended up funding an anti-gay political candidate, have called for a boycott of the national store. One industry blog says that Target, and other retailers, would do well to be sure they don’t alienate gay shoppers.

Best Buy’s Internet video service ready to debut

By Michael Liedtke | May 18
Best Buy Co. is about to give its customers one less reason to buy DVDs.

Best Buy leaps into fitness equipment

By Mae Anderson | Nov 11
Best Buy Co. wants to get your pulse racing over more than the hottest new laptops and TVs. Starting Wednesday the electronics chain will sell health and fitness equipment in 40 stores across the U.S.

1 thru 4 of 4 Stories