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New Data Will Help Colorado Study Health Effects of Fracking

SCIENCE | By Dan Elliott | Jun 16
New data on air pollution from fracking wells in Colorado will be a big help in assessing whether the emissions are harmful to human health, state officials say.

Biden Unveiling Public Database for Clinical Data on Cancer

SCIENCE | By Josh Lederman | Jun 7
Vice President Joe Biden unveiled a public database for clinical data on cancer on Monday that aims to help researchers and doctors better tailor new treatments to individuals.

Panel: Treating Hearing Loss Shouldn't Be A Pricey Hassle

FINANCE | By Lauran Neergaard | Jun 7
Treating hearing loss shouldn't be such a pricey hassle. That's the message from a prestigious government advisory group that's calling on Medicare and other agencies to find ways to make better hearing more affordable.

FDA Proposes Slashing Sodium in Prepared Foods

HEALTH | Jun 7
Americans currently take in nearly 50 percent more than the recommended daily limit of sodium.

End of the Road for Antibiotics?

SCIENCE | May 29
Federal health officials say the U.S. could be reaching the end of the road for antibiotics.

What Makes Us Happy and Healthy?

HEALTH | May 28
If you were going to invest now in your future self, what would you focus on? One of the world's longest running health studies sought to find the answer.

AGs: Pelvic Mesh Implants Caused Dire Complications

PERSONAL TECH | By Gene Johnson | May 26
Dawna Hankins was scheduled to have a partial hysterectomy in 2008 when her doctor suggested implanting a vaginal mesh device at the same time to deal with minor incontinence.

UN: Growing Environmental Threat from Animal-to-Man Diseases

SCIENCE | By Edith M. Lederer | May 24
The most worrying environmental threats facing the world today range from the rise in diseases transmitted from animals to humans to the increasing accumulation of toxic chemicals in food crops as a result of drought and high temperatures.

Elderly Book End-of-Life Talks Once Labeled 'Death Panels'

LEGAL | By Matt Sedensky | May 23
"Any distrust people have about, 'What is this?' really disappears when patients sit down and find out this is about empowering them."

HIV and PrEP Stigma Affect LGBT Health Care

HIV/AIDS | By Ryan Meyer, National Coalition for LGBT Health | May 22
Together, stigma and the lack of cultural competence training for healthcare providers contribute to serious health disparities for LGBT individuals.

11 thru 20 of 763 Stories