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Risks of Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids

Jan 4
A Consumer Reports survey reveals people may be taking over-the-counter sleep aids too often. Eighteen percent of sleep aid users took them on a daily basis.

How Drug Companies Engineer Huge Price Hikes

Jan 2
Americans will continue to feel the pain of high prescription drug prices in 2017, with costs projected to jump 12 percent next year. Here's how pharmaceutical companies push through price hikes.

A Look At 'Broken Heart' Syndrome

Dec 30
Many believe it was no coincidence that Debbie Reynolds died the day after the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher. Medical experts say "broken heart syndrome" is real.

Analysis: GOP Vexed by Factions on Replacing Health Law

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Dec 29
Republicans are united on repealing President Barack Obama's health care law, but ideologically and practically speaking, they're in different camps over replacing it. Getting the factions together won't be easy.

Fracking May Pose Threat to Drinking Water, EPA Says

Dec 21
A Texas family living near a fracking site has installed a $30,000 water filtration system in their Dallas suburb home.

Thousands of Communities At High Risk from Lead in Paint, Study Finds

Dec 20
A new study reveals alarming levels of lead in thousands of American neighborhoods.

Drugmakers Push Profitable, but Unproven, Opioid Solution

By Matrhew Perrone, Geoff Mulvihill, and Liz Essley Whyte | Dec 19
Pilloried for their role in the epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse, drugmakers are aggressively pushing their remedy to the problem: A new generation of harder-to-manipulate opioids that have racked up billions in sales.

Mylan Launches Cheaper Version of EpiPen Allergy Treatment

Dec 18
Drugmaker Mylan has started selling a generic version of its emergency allergy treatment EpiPen at half the price of the branded option, the cost of which drew national scorn and attracted Congressional inquiries.

Eating Disorders Bigger Challenges for the LGBTQ Community

By Lainey Millen | Dec 16
During this time of the year, families and friends gather together to celebrate a plethora of holidays. And, in doing so, food may be a central figure in these get togethers.

After Health-Care Repeal Vote, Some in GOP Fear A Cliff

By Alan Fram | Dec 12
Republicans are eagerly planning initial votes next month on dismantling President Barack Obama's health care law, a cherished GOP goal. But many worry that while Congress tries to replace it, the party will face ever-angrier voters.

11 thru 20 of 831 Stories