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Can Magic Mushrooms Help Cancer Patients?

HEALTH | Dec 6
The hallucinogenic drug psilocybin, the active ingredient in certain mushrooms, is being used to reduce anxiety and depression in cancer patients.

Syringe Service Programs Are Decreasing HIV Infections, Work Still Needs to be Done

NATIONAL | By Tucker Berardi | Dec 4
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new Vital Signs report which shows an increased use of Syringe Service Programs - programs that offer sterile needles and other injection equipment to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

Senate GOP Shies from Fight Over Medicare

LEGAL | By Andrew Taylor | Dec 4
Congressional Democrats are warning that Speaker Paul Ryan and President-elect Donald Trump are gunning for Medicare - and they are rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of an epic political battle.

Drug Addict's Tragedy Helps Save Others

HEALTH | Nov 20
When 33-year-old Charles Grugan died of a drug overdose, his family was devastated. But they found comfort knowing that he helped save other lives as an organ donor.

Living a Long, Healthy Life as an HIV+ Person Has Never Been More Possible Than Now

HIV/AIDS | By Jeff Taylor | Nov 20
Living a long, healthy life as an HIV-positive person, once a fairytale, is now a reality, and one that continues to draw strength as advancements in medicine and awareness grow.

Surgeon General Report: 'Addiction is Not a Character Flaw'

LEGAL | By Carla K. Johnson | Nov 19
In what may be his last significant act as President Barack Obama's surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy released a report Thursday calling for a major cultural shift in the way Americans view drug and alcohol addiction.

Is Zika Coming Soon to a Mosquito Near You?

HEALTH | Nov 9
Dr. LaPook explains where Zika is likely to spread in the U.S. and why Americans should worry-- even if they're not pregnant.

As Health System Collapses, Zimbabwe Turns to Street Herbs

FINANCE | By Farai Mutsaka | Nov 9
Zimbabwe's public health system is collapsing along with the economy, with some major hospitals suspending all non-emergency surgeries because painkillers are scarce.

Robin Williams' Widow on Actor's Struggle with Lewy Body Dementia

Despite his larger-than-life spirit on screen, Williams was battling with Lewy body dementia. His wife, Susan Schneider Williams, wrote an editorial for the journal Neurology.

"60 Minutes" Examines Effects of Marijuana on Body

HEALTH | Oct 30
Voters in California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine will decide in November whether to legalize recreational marijuana.

1 thru 10 of 809 Stories