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Concerns Rise Over Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea

NATIONAL | By Jeff Taylor | Feb 7
Antibiotic resistant gonorrhea is raising concerns in both Europe, where it has already appeared, and in the U.S., where it is feared it will show up before long.

Drug Industry to Fight Superbugs Together with Governments

HEALTH | By Linda A. Johnson | Jan 31
Dozens of makers of medicines and diagnostic tests have joined together in an unprecedented effort to tackle "superbugs" - infections that increasingly don't respond to drugs and threaten millions.

Wearable Fitness :: Workout Gadgets

PERSONAL TECH | By Joel Martens | Jan 31
Want to be stylish and fit? Check out RAGE Monthly's rundown of all the chic wearable devices that will keep you on track -- and keep you looking good.

Mind, Body & Soul :: Can You Really Gain A Lot of Muscle?

FITNESS | By John Maroussas | Jan 31
I have been working out consistently for over thirty years, and I certainly do not look like a pro bodybuilder. So where is the disconnect?

FDA OKs Merck Hepatitis C Drug, Adding to Patient Choices

SCIENCE | By Linda A. Johnson | Jan 30
Patients with hepatitis C have yet another advanced treatment option, as the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved a new once-a-day pill developed by drugmaker Merck.

Researchers: Pets Can Boost Health of LGBT Seniors

HEALTH | By Matthew S. Bajko | Jan 17
Aging researchers are just beginning to take notice of how pet ownership can be a boon for older adults, especially LGBT seniors who are more likely to live alone and lack family connections.

Implanted Coils Help Some Lung Disease Patients, Study Says

SCIENCE | By Lindsey Tanner | Jan 15
A novel, minimally invasive way to treat severe breathing problems caused by lung disease showed modest but promising benefits in a small French study.

Reasonable Resolutions :: Setting Yourself Up for Success

FITNESS | By Blake Beckcom | Jan 10
Now that the last gift boxes have been put away and the holiday decorations are coming down, the New Year is upon us -- and, along with it, a new set of resolutions.

Promising New Ways to Prevent, Treat Cancer

HEALTH | Jan 10
Cancer experts Dr. David Agus, Dr. Judy Garber and Anna Baker join "CBS This Morning" to discuss the latest in cancer research.

Mental Health Maintenance

HEALTH | By Jeff Taylor | Jan 10
Everyone wants to be happier, but arriving in a place of better mental health can seem a daunting task. Good news: There are actionable steps to increase overall happiness.

1 thru 10 of 718 Stories