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Clinton's Historic Night

Jul 30
Hillary Clinton highlighted her differences with Donald Trump in a historic speech to the Democratic National Convention Thursday night.

Wasserman Schultz to Resign

Jul 25
The day before the Democratic National Convention, chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has announced that she is stepping down at the end of the week.

Polls Show Clinton and Trump Locked In A Dead Heat

May 25
Nearly half of voters say they want to consider a third-party option in November.

How Sanders' Campaign Compares to Clinton's in 2008

Apr 28
Bernie Sanders insists he will stay in the 2016 race in spite of the odds against him.

Sanders Lags in Delegates but Leads in Likability

By Catherine Lucey and Emily Swanson | Apr 12
Bernie Sanders is still behind when it comes to delegates and votes, but he has one clear advantage over his Democratic and Republican presidential rivals - a lot of people actually like him.

With New York on Their Minds, Democrats Trade Fresh Attacks

By Lisa Lerer and Kathleen Ronayne | Apr 11
Campaigning in the New York City borough of Queens, Clinton assailed Sanders for his mixed record on immigration reforms and said he's struggled to detail his positions on foreign policy and financial regulation.

Democrats Planning Multi-Year Strategy to Recapture Seats

By Ken Thomas and Lisa Lerer | Nov 18
Democrats need to map out a multi-year election strategy to maintain the White House, recapture seats in Congress and in state legislatures and rebuild their bench of candidates.

Challenges Clinton Will Face in First Democratic Debate

Oct 13
Democratic presidential candidates face off Tuesday night for their first debate.

Pelosi Meets With LGBT Leaders in SF

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Sep 13
Passing the federal Equality Act and ending murders of transgender women of color were two issues that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi heard about during a meeting with local LGBT leaders in San Francisco.

100 Kansas GOP Endorse Democrat for Governor

By John Hanna | Jul 16
Democratic challenger Paul Davis sought Tuesday to give his campaign for Kansas governor a bipartisan boost by announcing endorsements from more than 100 moderate Republicans who've split with conservative GOP Gov. Sam Brownback

1 thru 10 of 71 Stories