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First Wave-Produced Electricity in U.S. Goes Online in Hawaii

By Cathy Bussewitz | Sep 22
By some estimates, the ocean's endless motion packs enough power to meet a quarter of America's energy needs and dramatically reduce the nation's reliance on oil, gas and coal.

FDA Tentatively Approves 1st Drug for Muscular Dystrophy

By Matthew Perrone | Sep 21
Federal regulators on Monday granted tentative approval to the first drug for muscular dystrophy, following an intense public campaign from patients and doctors who pushed for the largely unproven medication.

Analyzing the Nuclear Capability of the U.S.

Sep 21
The Cold War has ended, but the nation's nuclear arsenal is still formidable.

Plan Addresses Impact of Ocean Noise on Marine Mammals

Sep 17
The federal government says a new strategy to address the issue of noise in the ocean will better protect the safety of marine mammals.

A Famous Name and 3D Printing Combine to Aid Caribbean Coral

Sep 15
A partnership that includes the foundation of ocean explorer Fabien Cousteau will be using the rapidly developing layered printing technology to design structures that are virtually identical to natural coral formations.

The African-American Women Behind NASA's Rocket Launches

Sep 11
There's an untold story behind America's triumphant Moon landings: A corps of "human computers," largely African American women, who did the crucial calculations by hand. Now a book and upcoming film tell that tale.

An Expert Look at Hair Removal with Dr. Shino Bay

By Matthew Wexler | Sep 6
Considering laser hair removal? Clear + Brilliant pélo™ offers groundbreaking technology and Dr. Shino Bay explains what makes this the ultimate treatment.

Far-Away Asteroid Named After Freddie Mercury on Birthday

Sep 5
Queen guitarist Brian May says an asteroid in Jupiter's orbit has been named after the band's late frontman Freddie Mercury on what would have been his 70th birthday.

Global Warming is Key Topic at Hawaii Conservation Congress

By Caleb Jones | Sep 4
The international community came together Thursday in Hawaii for 10 days of talks by leading academics, conservation groups and government officials to address the impacts of global warming, wildlife trafficking and environmental conservation.

Explosion at SpaceX Launch Pad Destroys Rocket, Satellite

By Marcia Dunn | Sep 3
A massive fireball and explosion erupted Thursday at SpaceX's main launch pad, destroying a rocket as well as a satellite that Facebook was counting on to spread internet service in Africa.

Dogs Actually Understand What You're Saying, Study Shows

Sep 3
Researchers say brain scans confirm that canines can understand exactly what you're saying.

SpaceX Gets Taker for 1st Flight of Recycled Rocket

By Marica Dunn | Sep 1
SpaceX has a taker for the first flight of one of its recycled rockets.

Scientists Exit Hawaii Dome After Yearlong Mars Simulation

Aug 30
Six scientists have completed a yearlong Mars simulation in Hawaii, where they lived in a dome in near isolation.

NASA Nears the End of Its Splashdown Tests for Mars Craft

By Ben Finley | Aug 29
NASA on Thursday conducted the second to last splashdown test for its Orion spacecraft as the agency prepares to eventually send humans to Mars.

Somewhere Over the (Digital) Rainbow

By Andy Smith | Aug 28
Almost five decades after her early death, Judy Garland will make another potentially legendary comeback -- as the star of a 3-D hologram concert film featuring highlights from her 1960s TV variety hour.

1 thru 10 of 1891 Stories