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Waze Sets Out to Eliminate 'Tunnel Blindness' on Mobile Maps

By Michael Liedtke | Sep 25
The popular navigation app Waze is putting a new twist on the phrase "tunnel vision." It's trying to ensure drivers relying on digital maps don't lose their way when their GPS signal disappears in tunnels.

Google Allo Chat App is Smart, but Enough to Break Through?

By Anick Jasdanun | Sep 25
Google wants to add a middleman to your mobile chats - a personal virtual assistant who's not shy about interjecting itself into the conversation.

Top Democrats Say They've Concluded That Russia Behind Hacks

By Deb Reichmann | Sep 24
The top Democrats on the House and Senate intelligence committees said Thursday that they have concluded that Russian intelligence agencies are making a "serious and concerted effort" to influence the U.S. presidential election.

Congress Fights for Consumers' Right to Leave Bad Reviews

By Mary Clare Jalonick | Sep 24
Legislation in Congress would ensure that customers who want to post negative reviews on websites like Yelp or TripAdvisor can do so without legal repercussions.

How the TV Show 'Mr. Robot' Won the Prize for Hacker Realism

By Bree Fowler | Sep 24
Finally, the computer hackers of the world have a TV show they can call their own.

Samsung Says Replacements Available for Recalled Note 7

By Brandon Bailey | Sep 23
Samsung says new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones will be available in U.S. stores starting Wednesday to replace about 1 million devices that are being recalled because their batteries can catch fire.

Sierra Update Arrives on Macs: 4 Things to Look For

By Anick Jasdanun | Sep 23
The latest software update for Mac computers, MacOS Sierra, brings iPhone services to Apple laptops and desktops and further breaks down walls between devices.

Tinder Matches With Spotify to Add Music to Dating App

Sep 21
Spotify is getting together with Tinder to allow users of the dating app to find musical matches.

'Organic Architect' Sees Inspiration in Snakes and Peanuts

By Mark Stevenson | Sep 21
Senosiain isn't offended by cave comparisons; in fact he kind of likes his homes to look caves. Or wombs. Anything but boxes.

AP Explains: Wireless Cellphone Alerts on Bombing Suspect

By Tali Arbel | Sep 20
Many people in the New York City area were alerted Monday morning to a screeching, buzzing message about a man wanted in connection with explosions in the area over the weekend. What are these alerts and how do they work?

Maine School Purchases Computer Program to Serve As Teacher

Sep 20
A Maine high school unable to fill a vacant teacher position has turned to a foreign language computer program to educate students.

Naples Prosecutors Investigate Cyber-Porn Suicide

Sep 19
Italian prosecutors in Naples have opened a criminal investigation after the death by suicide of a 31-year-old woman who had fought unsuccessfully to have a video showing her having sex expunged from the internet.

NASA Astronaut Wears Spacesuit Painted by Kids with Cancer

Sep 19
Some childhood cancer patients will chat Friday with an astronaut aboard the International Space Station wearing a hand-painted spacesuit they helped decorate.

False Clues Make It Tough to Find WADA Hackers

By Raphael Satter | Sep 18
Medical data from some of the world's leading athletes has been posted to the web and the World Anti-Doping Agency says Russians are to blame.

Hungry Startup Uses Pizza-Making Robots

By Terence Chea | Sep 18
Did robots help make your pizza? If you ordered it from Silicon Valley's Zume Pizza, the answer is yes.

1 thru 10 of 5238 Stories