Celebrate the Summer Olympics with World Champion Collection

Sunday May 13, 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA - Freedom Reigns, the athletic wear brand best known for its briefs with asymmetrical trim, celebrates the summer Olympics this season with its all new World Champion Collection.

Inspired by the flags of leading nations, the World Champion Collection features an assortment of briefs, tanks, tees, jackets and shorts, all coordinating with uniquely bold color combinations set against its patented multi-stripe red, white and blue elastic waist band.

Also new for 2012 is the red and blue rubber Freedom Reigns logo hand-stitched to the front of each brief. Freedom Reigns' World Champion Collection and the entire Summer 2012 line are available now at select retail stores and online at

"Like the athletes we design for, Freedom Reigns is a leader in its playing field", says Mr. Curtis Stallard, who runs the label with head designer Mr. Sael Castro. "Our use of asymmetrical color combinations, unique construction and trim is what sets us apart from our competitors. It has become something of an identifying brand in itself, as evidenced by the tremendous success of our top-selling Hero brief."

Sael Castro and Curtis Stallard launched Freedom Reigns in 2010 as a tee-shirt shop on California's Melrose Avenue. On a whim, they tested a playful graphic brief on the sales floor. It was a hit with customers and within a few months, Freedom Reigns began unveiling several styles of briefs, trunks, and jockstraps.

Seeing potential to expand their briefs internationally - and with the guidance of Mr. Nir Zilberman of the Man Trends Agency - the pair closed their Melrose shop and began distributing their collections (which now included an entire sports range) through boutiques around the world. Mr. Zilberman encouraged the pair to emphasize their being American made by adding more red, white and blue to their design palette.

In addition to affording their gear with quality comfort and a sexy athletic style all its own, being American Made holds unique significance to both Mr. Castro and Mr. Stallard. Sael Castro grew up in Mexico where citizens were not free to live or love freely. He became a legal resident of the United States in 2006. During the short period when gay marriage was legal in California, he married his business and life partner, Curtis Stallard. In July, they will celebrate their fourth year anniversary.

Both men believe that in order to regain its strength; the USA must rebuild its manufacturing infrastructure. Through Freedom Reigns, they hope to do their small part in restoring the nation’s economy by bringing quality manufacturing back to the states.

According to Mr. Stallard, "Most large brands today are manufactured off-shore in foreign countries. Consequentially, their quality is inferior. It’s most noticed in the puckering at the waistband where the cotton is sewn to the elastic. It takes time and talent for a seamstress to be able to sew the cotton flat to the elastic. Time and talent are not an off-shore quality."

Freedom Reigns believes its customers appreciate quality of fabrics and construction. "They are active, self-assured and free-spirited leaders," says Stallard.

Freedom Reigns’ summer collection reflects its customer: the gear is playful and sports minded with a variety of sport stripes, woven stripes and intricate insets on underwear, tee’s, tanks, shorts, long johns and jackets. In addition to the World Champion Collection, the company is unveiling their All American Jockstrap (with an innovative red, white and blue strap), the Silver Racer Brief (with its metallic Indy 500 inset panel) and the Academy Brief and Tee.

They have also updated some of their popular styles from past seasons. The Fusion Brief now sports colorful stripes and trim. The Body Pump (consisting of color blocks hand sewn together), The G-Force (with inset panels individually sewn to one another, emphasizing the pouch) and the Hybrid Jock a Freedom Reigns creation (which is a combination of sexy underwear and a jockstrap in one) have all been improved upon for 2012.

America’s red, white and blue were a main theme for this Olympic season but the designers also incorporated many of the colors seen on the summer fashion runways including bright canary yellow, fuchsia pink, Ferrari red and charcoal grey.

"When designing our summer collections, we felt it was important to remember the spirit of the games," concludes Stallard. "It’s a spirit that aligns perfectly with our own brand ideology. Freedom Reigns represents freedom in every aspect of life. We encourage men to live, love and play freely and let freedom reign wherever they are."




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    Freedom Reigns is a great collection! Package Menswear began selling it in Austin Texas and is already bringing in a huge new shipment. We can be found on the web at Curtis and the ManTrends Agency have come along way with this brand in less than a year. We love it and you will too!

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