No-Tipping Trend Now at More Restaurants With Mixed Results

FOOD/DRINK | By Sarah Skidmore Sell | Sep 1
When the bill comes after a meal, there's no crunching numbers for the tip - just pay and go.

Anti-Wrinkle Device Forces Plane Evacuation in New Mexico

Authorities say a vibrating device that claims to fights wrinkles as it rolls over a person's face has forced a Southwest Airlines flight to evacuate in New Mexico.

Emeril Lagasse Feasts Globally on New Amazon Prime Series

FOOD/DRINK | By Frazier Moore | Aug 31
Caution: Eat before you watch "Eat the World." Do not come to this new Emeril Lagasse-hosted docuseries hungry for anything other than new insights about food, travel and culture.

Annual Tomato Battle Leaves Spanish Town Awash in Red Pulp

FOOD/DRINK | By Diego Torres | Aug 31
Thousands of people have pelted each other with tons of ripe tomatoes, creating a red, mushy mess in the annual "Tomatina" street battle in eastern Spain.

Slim Pickings: Without EU Labor, Who Will Harvest UK Fruit?

FOOD/DRINK | By Danica Kirka, Leonora Beck | Aug 31
British fruit and vegetable growers rely on seasonal workers from other EU countries to harvest their crops because local workers no longer want the poorly paid, physically demanding jobs that offer little security.