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ArtBasel Week @ The Miami Beach Convention Center :: November 30 thru December 6, 2015

Dec 8
Check out these amazing photos from Miami's ArtBasel Week. The event featured works of modern and contemporary art from around the world.

White Party 2015 Anchors Away :: November 28, 2015

Nov 30
The White Party was held on the Grand Floridian Yacht and sailed from Bayside for a three hour tour around Biscayne Bay. With DJ Roland Belmares, and performances by Elaine Lancaster, Kitty Meow, Wildchild, Magician Cory Van Valin & Jane "JEI" Castro.

Winter Rendezvous 2015 Blow Out Party @ The Stoweflake Resort And Spa :: January 24, 2015

Nov 23
A great time was had by all at the Winter Rendezvous Blow Out Party, with DJ MaryAlice and special guest appearance by Erika Jayne.

Winter Rendezvous 2015 Downhill Costume And Parade Competition @ The Midway Lodge :: Jan 24, 2015

Nov 16
Everyone had a fantastic time with the girls from the House of Lemay during the downhill costume and parade competition. Check out these fun photos.

Gay8 Festival Reception @ Futurama 1637 Galleries :: Novemer 10, 2015

Nov 11
The Gay8 Festival Reception for festival partners, sponsors and hosts was held at Futurama 1637 Galleries on Calle Ocho in Miami's Little Havana. The festival will take place on Calle Ocho on Sunday, January 17, 2016.

Winter Rendezvous 2015 Giant Indoor Pool Après Ski Party @ The Trapp Family Lodge :: January 23, 2015

Nov 9
Check out these great photos from the Winter Rendezvous pool party, with DJ Harrison's Tidal Wave of Epic Anthems & Diva Mixes.

Halloween Ball @ MOMA PS1 Long Island City NY :: October 31, 2015

Nov 7
New Yorkers take their Halloween very serioulsy!! And there's no other display of creativity in the city on that night quite like Susanne Bartsch's Halloween Ball at The MOMA PS1 in Long Island City. Simply enchanting!

Alegria Halloween New York :: October 31, 2015

Nov 6
To call an event 'The best party of the year' in NYC is quite the statement, but that's exactly what Alegria Halloween is for many. Ric Sena does it over and over again. The Evil Eye was the theme. We'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Fantasy Fest Parade Key West :: October 31, 2015

Nov 6
As always, the Key West Fantasy Fest Parade was spectacular. With amazing floats, creative costumes, and a fun party atmosphere. Check out the photos.

Henri David Halloween Party In Philadelphia :: October 31, 2015

Nov 6
When you throw an annual bash for 47 years, you find it hard to outdo yourself. But to Henri David, Philadelphia's own party maven, it is second nature. With hundreds of guests, elaborate costume, former Governor Ed Rendell & Councilman Allan Domb.

11 thru 20 of 1657 Stories