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Santorum: I’ll ’Unmarry’ ALL Same-Sex Couples

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Monday Mar 5, 2012

If GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum is elected as the next President of the United States, same-sex couples should note that the former Pennsylvania senator will attempt to "unmarry" them, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

According to the 2010 census there are 131,000 married gay couples in the country but the nationwide survey was conducted before New York City legalized gay marriage last summer. Nevertheless, Santorum said in a Dec. 30 NBC News interview that once the U.S. Constitution is amended to ban same-sex marriage, all current gay marriages would be nullified as well.

"We can't have 50 different marriage laws in this country," the politician said. "You have to have one marriage law."

Santorum is one of the most conservative candidates on social issues as he opposes both abortion and birth control. Although Mitt Romney (who was governor of Massachusetts when the state legalized gay marriage in 2003) does not support marriage equality, he will not try to nullify current same-sex marriages.

In January, Santorum appeared on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" and told the journalist that if he were elected president, he would outlaw gay marriage in every state.

"Marriage is an institution that existed before governments existed," he said. "It's something that reflects nature and reflects God and God's will for us. I think it's important to understand that you respect everyone and you respect their rights to be able to live their life in the way that they want to live it."

"So when you say you respect their rights, isn't their legal right in New York now to get marriage," Morgan asked.

"Well, it's a law. But it's not a natural right," Santorum replied. "I mean, it's a law. There are lots of laws that are not rights ... I would say it's a privilege. I would change the law to make a uniform definition of marriage in this country."

A number of couples would be impacted if Santorum succeeded in "unmarrying" same-sex couples and banning marriage equality. Stuart Gaffney and John Lewis of San Francisco, who married in June 2008, found Marriage Equality USA and say that Santorum's views on marriage are "the most destructive of any Republican candidate by far, bigoted, shameful."

"It's with profound sadness that I contemplate somebody running for the highest office in the land on a platform of taking away anyone's marriage," Gaffney said.


  • , 2012-03-06 10:21:13

    How is it that this man is a viable candidate for POTUS in this day and age? How does such ridiculousness even HAPPEN in this country?

  • fleebness, 2012-03-07 05:03:00

    He has far too much concern for this issue. It seems to me that he should focus on the economy instead. But, like all the other politicians, he is out of touch.

  • John Hurst, 2012-03-07 11:52:58

    We don’t need more than one marriage law. We need only one that will include everybody.

  • , 2012-03-07 20:09:05

    Shame on his supporters!

  • , 2012-03-10 09:14:28

    doesnt matter of how santorum goes about it .....the truth is that marriage was in effect well before any governments laws on marriage were established it was stamped by the laws of GOD and reflex his will for us and under that law there are no same sex marriage (lev 20:13) to man we have a right to constitutional laws but... GOD to man we should want to honor him , he’s the creator of all life giver and taker.

  • fleebness, 2012-03-10 10:43:30

    Ah, then the government has no place enforcing any marriage whatsoever, as it should not respect any particular religion’s tenets over another. Anonymous, you’ve very clearly described why the federal government has no business providing marriage to straight couples, either. It should stop marrying people immediately.

  • Zach , 2012-03-12 00:37:05

    Shame on you

  • , 2012-03-16 22:21:46

    I feel that his view is his view not everyone else’s view. He has hurt himself with comment due to that he mwy have had gay supporters but now since the gay population is larger then he will lose votes and marriage is not a privilage it is a right to love and marry anyone you want is my view. I am a gay whitwle male and live in a none gay marriage state and if he thinks that will stop unions he is wrong. I believe that each state at this time has its chose and should be left at that and he also may lose support of his gay fellow politicians that are gay in the government now

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