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Honduran Mother & Son Sue Obama Administration Over Family Immigration Detention Abuses

By EDGE | Sep 9
Two refugees who fled violence and persecution in Central America filed suit against the Obama Administration for the unlawful and inhumane treatment they received when they first arrived in the United States.

'Merck More Than A Mother' High Level Panel Calls for Action to Improve Access to Regulated Fertility Care and Empower Infertile Women in Africa

By EDGE | Sep 8
Global fertility experts called for action to improve access to regulated fertility care and empower infertile women in Africa through access to information, health and change of mindset.

Uganda Police Arrest 8-Year-Old They Believe is a Lesbian

Sep 8
The witch hunt against its LGBT citizens hit a new low in Uganda last month when an 8-year-old girl was arrested on suspicion that she is a lesbian.

2 Dead as Hurricane Newton Slams Mexico's Los Cabos Resorts

By Ignacio Martinez | Sep 7
Hurricane Newton shattered windows, downed trees and knocked out power in parts of the twin resorts of Los Cabos on Tuesday.

Norwegian King's Tolerance Speech in High Demand

Sep 6
Norway's royal palace says a recent speech by King Harald in support of gay rights and diversity has attracted widespread international attention.

UK Lawmaker Embroiled in Male Escort Scandal Steps Down from Committee

Sep 6
A powerful Labour Party lawmaker has stepped down as the chair of the U.K. Home Affairs Select Committee following a sex scandal involving male escorts.

Iranian Police Shut Down 800 Clothes Shops for 'Inappropriate' Goods

Sep 6
Iran's state TV says police have shut down more than 800 clothing stores across the country for selling "unconventional and inappropriate" attire

British Airways Suffers Global Delays Due to Computer Glitch

By Danica Kirka | Sep 6
British Airways travelers are suffering delays globally due to a computer glitch in the check-in systems, the latest in a string of technical failures to hit major international airlines.

Obama, Putin, Agree To Continue Seeking Deal On Syria

Sep 5
President Barack Obama said Monday the U.S. and Russia have not given up on negotiations that could stem the bloodshed in Syria, but acknowledged leaders are challenged by "gaps of trust" between the rival powers.

'Son Of A Bitch' :: Some Of The Philippine President's Memorable Broadsides

Sep 5
Barack Obama is the latest dignitary to be dissed by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

31 thru 40 of 3281 Stories