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Israeli Military Dismisses Transgender Soldier

Apr 14
The Israeli military says it has dismissed a transgender teenager who objected to joining the army on ideological grounds.

So Long, Suckers! Inky the Octopus Makes An Amazing Escape

By Nick Perry | Apr 14
Inky the octopus waited until it was dark and the staff had gone home from the National Aquarium of New Zealand before making his move.

Despite Court Ruling, China Gay Rights Movement Makes Gains

By Gerry Shih | Apr 13
For years, Chen Tiantian only read about the gay rights movement in faraway places. She knew that there were activists in Beijing and a vibrant community in Shanghai, and that in San Francisco, a distant mecca, gay pride parades took up entire streets.

Judge Rules Against Couple in China's 1st Same-Sex Case

By Gerry Shih | Apr 13
A judge on Wednesday ruled against a gay couple in China's first same-sex marriage case that was seen as a landmark moment for the country's emerging LGBT rights movement.

Norway's State Church Votes in Favor of Same-Sex Marriages

Apr 11
In a major ecclesiastical turnaround, a large majority of Norway's church synod have voted in favor of same-sex marriages.

China Panel Hears First Transgender Discrimination Case

Apr 11
A Chinese arbitration panel has held a hearing in what is believed to be the country's first transgender employment discrimination case.

Officials: Group That Hit Brussels Planned 2nd France Attack

By Raphael Satter | Apr 10
The attackers who struck Brussels on March 22 initially planned to launch a second assault on France, Belgium's Federal Prosecution Office said Sunday.

Zari, New Female Puppet, Joins Afghan Sesame Street

By Lynne O'Donnell | Apr 9
There's a new face on Sesame Street - a sassy, fun 6-year-old Afghan puppet girl called Zari, with purple skin, an orange nose and multi-colored hair, an infectious giggle and outfits to please Afghanistan's broad kaleidoscope of ethnicities and cultures.

In New Vid, ISIS Accuses Man of Being Gay, Throws Him Off Roof

Apr 8
ISIS has released a propaganda video this week called "The Voice of Virtue in Deterring Hell" that shows a man being thrown off a roof of a tall building after being accused of being gay.

Calling Male Hairdressers 'Faggot' is OK, According to French Ruling

Apr 8
A bizarre ruling from a Paris tribunal says that calling a male hairdresser a "faggot" is not homophobic "because hair salons regularly employ gay people."

31 thru 40 of 3003 Stories