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Armed Naked Candy Bandit Hits South Carolina Shore

CRIME | Aug 31
Police in South Carolina are on the lookout for a man who loves peanut butter and opts not to wear clothes while working.

Unhinged Scam Artist Threatens Wilton Manors with Repeat of Pulse Massacre

The LGBT community in the Fort Lauderdale area gay enclave Wilton Manors is on high alert following online threats that have some fearing a repeat of the Pulse nightclub massacre.

Novel Strategy Greatly Reduces HIV Transmission In Couples

AIDS | By EDGE | Aug 31
Providing HIV medication to both members of a HIV-serodiscordant couple substantially reduced the risk of transmission within that couple, according to a new study.

New Free WiFi Kiosks Turn NYC's Sidewalks Into Al Fresco Porn Film Festivals

There has been an unintended consequence of the new internet WiFi and phone-charging kiosks that have popped up around Manhattan this year, which replaced obsolete pay phone booths.

Michele Bachmann Claims God Picked Trump Over Cruz for GOP Nomination

Donald Trump may be a twice-divorced serial philanderer, but according to former US Rep Michele Bachmann, he was raised up over his evangelical former competitor Sen. Ted Cruz by the Almighty to be the Republican presidential nominee.

Watch: Anti-Gay Preacher Gets Drowned-Out by Gay Bagpiper

This may change your opinion of bagpipe music.

Slim Pickings: Without EU Labor, Who Will Harvest UK Fruit?

INTERNATIONAL | By Danica Kirka, Leonora Beck | Aug 31
British fruit and vegetable growers rely on seasonal workers from other EU countries to harvest their crops because local workers no longer want the poorly paid, physically demanding jobs that offer little security.

Clinton Wraps Up Hamptons Fundraising Swing

POLITICS | By Catherine Lucey | Aug 31
Hillary Clinton is wrapping a fundraising blitz in the Hamptons, where she has racked up millions during a three-day swing.

Australian Prime Minister Urges Public Vote On Gay Marriage

INTERNATIONAL | By Rod McGuirk | Aug 31
Australia's prime minister on Wednesday urged his political opponents to allow Australians to endorse gay marriage through a popular vote instead of insisting that the divisive issue be put into lawmakers' hands.

Vegas Man Accused of Video Post Threatening Terror Attack

CRIME | By Ken Ritter | Aug 31
A 24-year-old Las Vegas man who police say posed in battlefield gear and assault weapons for an internet video saying he intended to shoot "Satanists" and "homosexuals" is due to face a judge this week on terror threat and conspiracy charges.

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