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Trump Says He Was Surprised By Paul Ryan's Rebuff

POLITICS | By Steve Peoples and Erica Werner | May 6
Donald Trump said Friday he was surprised by House Speaker Paul Ryan's rebuff of him as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

NC College System's Federal Funds in Crosshairs of LGBT Law

NATIONAL | By Emery P. Dalesio | May 6
North Carolina's prized public universities could be the biggest losers as state leaders defend a new law limiting the rights of LGBT people.

Students Cast Light on Darker Side of Harvard's History

A new student project at Harvard aims to share the school's history lessons that don't make into brochures.

With Cruz Out, Social Conservative Leaders Rethink Trump

POLITICS | By David Crary | May 6
With their champion, Sen. Ted Cruz, now out of the presidential race, groups opposing abortion and same-sex marriage say they'll bide their time and warily assess Donald Trump before deciding whether to back him as the Republican nominee.

UNC Could Lose $1.4 Billion Due to LGBT Law

North Carolina's prized public universities risk losing more than $1.4 billion a year in federal funds if Republican state lawmakers don't change a new law limiting the rights of LGBT people.

LGBT Community Braces for Impact of New Counseling Law

NATIONAL | By Sheila Burke | May 6
Roddy Biggs was 13 and depressed, and had been seeing a therapist for six months before he revealed something he had denied even to himself: He was gay.

Trump's Cinco De Mayo Post Draws Ire From Some Latinos

POLITICS | By Jonathan Lemire and Sergio Bustos | May 6
Donald Trump's social media post on Thursday to mark Cinco de Mayo immediately went viral, spawning criticism from some Latino groups that found it offensive and pandering.

Arsenio Hall Sues Sinead O'Connor for Libel Over Prince Post

Arsenio Hall is suing Sinead O'Connor over a Facebook post in which the singer accused him of furnishing Prince with drugs.

Insurer Says Child Told Paterno in '76 Sandusky Molested Him

Joe Paterno's son says an allegation made by insurers that a boy told the longtime Penn State football coach in 1976 that he had been molested by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky is "bunk."

AP Analysis: For Republicans Fearing Trump, Ryan Offers Out

NATIONAL | By Julie Pace | May 6
In a surprise rebuke, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Thursday that he was "just not ready" to support Trump, who became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee this week after a big win in Indiana forced his remaining rivals from the race.

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