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Scandal: The Complete First Season

by Andrew Clark
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Jun 29, 2012
Scandal: The Complete First Season

ABC continues its new streak of dramatic thrillers with one of the most accomplished political shows it has ever tackled. Scandal tells te story of ex-Director of White House Communications Olivia Pope and her venture into a private crisis management firm. The crises she tackles? The reputations and lives of the nation's elite leaders.

With a truly spectacular turn, Kerry Washington's Olivia is a passionate and quick-witted woman who knows exactly how to achieve her professional goals, with a slightly less than certain approach with how to handle her personal problems. However, Ally McBeal she is not. Many of her issues are derived from previous employers and professional events in her life.

Much of the first season is dedicated to exploring Olivia's intersection of public and private lives as well as the relationships within her firm's office. An equally spectacular supporting cast including Henry Ian Cusick and Columbus Short helps Washington to create a riveting office trying to deal with the many possible disasters popping up in our government.

A fresh and interesting idea coupled with this fantastic cast puts "Scandal" firmly ahead of many of the less-interesting show debuts this season, as well as some of the more stale dramas floating around late-night television these days. A worthy debut season for a strong idea...what more could you ask for in your primetime television?

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